“Not Just Tomato Sandwiches”

They both had been gardening, one planting and the other pruning trees.  Midge called out “shall I get the lunch, we can have it out here”, “no you stay there I’ll make lunch for us” answered Chris the  man Midge lived with, they were partners in everything, had been for the last four years.  Marriage well Chris asked but Midge always replied “don’t spoil it we are fine aren’t we”.  Midge shorter than Chris, but with a quick temper unlike his laid back attitude.  Midge was a painter – the artist type .  Whereas Chris well he worked for the Government Foreign Office.  They agreed from the beginning not to let what they did come between them, though it was not difficult as Midge had a studio at home, and Christ was always away on business.

Tomato and green peppered sandwiches, just right Chris thought, they grew their own tomatoes having built a Greenhouse themselves a year ago.  When ever Chris had time off nothing he liked better than being in the Garden they both had made and working away, not just plants they grew but Fruit and Vegetables as well, just enough for them.  As Midge walked into their kitchen there was Chris slicing the tomatoes, Midge washed her hands walked over to Chris put her arms around his waist and rested her chin on his shoulder, Chris turned to kiss her on the cheek  “be careful you” Midge said “I don’t want any blood on my sandwich”, “it’s ok if I cut myself then” replied Chris with his broad smile.  Midge ran her slender hands down the legs of Chris and up the inside of his firm legs  until she reached him reached  his penis gently squeezing it “hey do you want these sandwiches or not” he said, “I would rather have you, like right now what do you say” kissing his neck Midge asked.

Chris put the knife down held Midge’s hand over his penis and said “I would rather have the sandwiches right at this moment, what do you say to that” laughed Chris, “I say its not on the bloody sandwiches can wait” retorted Midge – Chris turned around held Midge in his arms kissing her full on the mouth as he lifted her top slid his hands under and gently held each breast, “so the sandwiches can wait” said Midge as Chris pulled Midge’s top off undoing her bra until her breasts slowly tumbled out, he lowered his head taking each breast in his hands licking the breasts all over gently holding the nipples one at a time between his teeth and Midge quickly undoing the zip on his Chris’s jeans feeling for his penis “ring, ring, ring, ring” went the phone “to hell with that” said Midge as Chris let go of her nipples “no honey I better get that I was expecting a call” said Chris.  “You have to be bloody joking you are aren’t you” by now an annoyed Midge said, “no I’m not actually I have been waiting for a call all day I do have to take this” answered Chris trying to reach for the phone, managing to pick it up but not before whoever was on the other end heard Midge shout “so you would rather answer the phone then fuck me”, Chris tried desperately to put his hand over the phone but too late “hello Chris, Chris is that you” said the voice as Midge stormed out of the kitchen, leaving Chris to take his call.

“Hello Andrew” said Chris “sorry about that right what have you got to tell me” asked Chris, Andrew on the other end of the phone was laughing “did I disturb something there between you and Midge” he asked, “its ok Andrew I should have told her I was waiting for you to ring, come on whats the news” asked Chris.  “Well get the bags packed tomorrow because the day after you are heading out to the good olde USA” said Andrew “God  that’s all I need, I was hoping you were going to tell me it was cancelled or at least postponed, I did not expect to have to fly out so soon, that’s not going to help any” said Chris, “problems with Midge” asked Andrew, “no not problems as such, its just that this year I have been one place after another we don’t seem to get much time together, and today was perfect until you called” answered Chris.  “Sorry about that, but you knew there was a chance they would want you Chris, apologise to Midge for me when the time is right and especially for interrupting your hmm…” said Andrew, “yes I will Andrew, send me all the details will you, see you when I get back, take care” said Chris, “you too Chris, good flight there and back and well we know you will do your best for us, watch out for yourself mate” Andrew finally said to him, “I will Andrew, I’ll be in touch as soon as I get settled ok, say hello to the family Andrew bye” with that Chris put the phone down wondering how to tell Midge this bit of news.

He knew precisely where Midge would be, upstairs on the bed crying, hard  she may appear on the outside but inside she was as soft as butter.  He ran up the stairs to their bedroom, and there she was on the bed her face red from crying, as he sat on the side of the bed he took her left hand held it to his mouth kissed the palm, licked each finger “I’m sorry darling I should have told you I was expecting a call” said Chris looking straight at him she said “they want you don’t they Chris they are sending you somewhere, how long for” trying to hold back the tears, “yes I am off to the States day after tomorrow or more likely tomorrow evening its bound to be an evening flight” said Chris, “where to Washington or New York” asked Midge, “Washington, the PM is going but no one at the moment knows that so hush hush” said Chris, “will you be on the same flight as the PM” asked Midge, “I doubt it darling the PM  will probably leave after us, we will have to set everything up its going to be hectic, this is the worst relationship between the US President and a British PM for as long as anyone can remember” said Chris.  “Vietnam, what do they expect Harold Wilson was never going to support it, the British people are against it no way would Wilson send troops out to help back up Johnson, come home soon darling won’t you” cried Midge, “of course I will, buy you something nice to make up for it, that’s if I can get out to a department store.” said Chris.  “I don’t want any gifts just you, I just want you home safe” cried Midge.

“I never did get my tomato sandwich you know” said Midge, “no thats right and do you know something else I never did get to make love to you” answered Chris as he undone the silky tie on Midge’s dressing gown as he did the silkiness of the gown let it slip either side of her naked body as Chris lowered himself to kiss her and finally holding those breasts he had previously and placing his teeth gently onto her nipples and then with his tongue so so slowly licking each nipple until she sighed looked at him as she reached over to him, undoing the zipper on his jeans.  He stood up she raised herself swinging her legs over the edge of the bed as she pulled his jeans down , he lowered his shorts as she held  his penis and with both hands stroked it up and down, Chris slipped her robe off as she sat there bending down to kiss her he slipped his hand inside her she sighed even more as he watched her breathing, her breasts rising and falling.  He stood her up took her in his arms and laid her on the bed.

He laid beside her looking at her his right hand still feeling how soft she was so smooth, she suddenly moved until she was on top of him, her breasts nearer to his face she moved back and he squeezed her breasts one after the other sucking on her nipples, he was hard she was ready as she helped him, the look on her face the sighs the tears that trickled onto her cheeks “oh Chris, Chris” she cried as the phone rang right then at that moment the bloody phone, she reached across threw the phone across the room “not now, sod it” she went,  as she shouted “tomato sandwiches next” as she climaxed.




4 thoughts on ““Not Just Tomato Sandwiches”

  1. The tenderness in which you tell this story is heartwarming and loving. I found myself imagining (wishing) that I was Chris. I’m off to find my own tomato sandwich and hoping for similar results. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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