A case for being honest

Writing is a pleasure

Yes, it is hard work

Sometimes words come to me

Quickly I must jot them down

Yet there are times

When I sit facing the screen

Fingers on keyboard

Thinking and thinking what to say

The majority I write

Is the truth

Sometimes  others are just made up

But I have to write

Everyday and some nights

I have to write

Something in my head pushes me

Tells me “I’ll give you some words to start”

And off I will go

I just love writing

I was encouraged to write

By the beautiful words

Of my favourite Poet

When no one else was there for me

He was, always there

I am grateful to those

That bother to read what I write

I am grateful for all the lovely words of support

To some I am too honest

And it is not liked

I make no apologies

For telling the truth

I cannot be any other way

Honesty has always been my downfall

Beaten if I told the truth

Beaten if I told fibs

So I decided as a child

“tell the truth always”

Besides I am told

My Blue eyes always gave it away

In this World of ours

I have found it hard to understand

The Dishonesty in some

I try to accept but for me it is difficult

But thats people I will always say

I hope those that follow me

Will continue to enjoy my words

As much as I enjoy writing them



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