“Hot Chocolate”

Quickly rush by strangers

Don’t get too wet

Umbrellas up

People rushing here and there

Step into Cafe

Warm and quite big

Interesting art adorns the walls

Young staff at counter

Young people that serve

Hot Chocolate soon to sip

Cafe full of interesting people

Who knows their story

Couples holding hands

Couples, both sexes, busy talking

Kisses quickly shared

Elderly couple, hot coffee in their hands

Looking past each other

No words pass their lips

Once they were Lovers

Now like strangers they sit

Sad it should end like this

Lifetimes shared and now, what?

I quickly pay the bill

Thank goodness the rain stopped

I bid farewell silently

To those I have watched

I walk to subway

My Train to catch

Here we are on my street

My Apartment full of joy

My Cat “Bootsie”

My Friend, my love is here

For I live alone

Not lonely

“Bootsie” walks by my legs

Purring and stroking her head on my legs

Calms me, do not all Cats

I paint and tonight

I can paint those in my mind

The Cafe and hot chocolate

The paintings on wall

The Boys and Girls that served us all

The people chatting

The hands that were held

But most of all

The elderly couple

Who looked elsewhere

Not at each other

No words from a lifetime

That they had shared

Thanks for the rain

I would not be here with all of this

To capture on canvas

That Cafe again


5 thoughts on ““Hot Chocolate”

  1. Are you a painter, Anna? I loved your observations. So many interesting things right in front of us. So sad about the old lovers. I wonder what had happened in life to make them alienate each other?

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    1. No unfortunately, when it comes to painting can’t do it. But I love Art and until a couple of years ago used to travel up to London every Friday and go to the Galleries looking at the paintings, loved it all. I did, or rather my youngest Son did, buy two paintings for me belonging to Rod McKuen Poet/Composer/Singer – do you know him, my favorite Poet and the person who inspired me to write. As for ther elderly couple, a growing dislike for each other/lies told perhaps/realizing they made a mistake, how many Marriages/love affairs and Partnerships end that way Rob – maybe one loved the other more or someone was always kept like a bird in a cage and saw this as her escape. Oh dear, I do go on and on don’t I, apologies. Take care Rob.

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  2. You know, I had the strangest inkling when you left the shoppe. It was as if you now had some small kind of relationship with those people you described. THAT was a yummy thought. Loved this one, too, Anna. Your writing is beginning to take on new depths where you’re looking behind the hurts and yearnings. 🙂


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