“The Park”

The place will never be the same again

Strangers we met, friends we became

Lovers at last

Discovering your body and you mine

Never once thinking we would part

Then falling in love

Sundays in the Park

Walking here where other lovers sit

On green benches in this Park

Weeping Willow Tree  nearby

The Lake with Swans

Gently floating by

The Children’s Pond

Where boats they’d float

Fathers proud to give a hand

Mothers sat with Babes in arms

And we sat here

Holding hands on our bench

In this Park

You’d kiss me, I’d snuggle up

Lovers as we are

In Love then, in love now?

Arguments started

Make up and fall out again

Why come to this

You and I

You turn as I walk away

I run back and hold you close

In your arms and lips pressed tight

I say “goodbye”

And walk away

This Park

Will never be the same



Rod, so beautifully romantically sung, words and music he wrote.


6 thoughts on ““The Park”

  1. I am glad you like it, I love Rod McKuen, always have, it was he that was instrumental in my writing all those many years ago, like so many we “Loners” found him he was always there.


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