“This Room”

White lace table cloth

Black coffee in her hand

Table by the window

Looking down to street

People rushing here and there

Where she will go

Who really cares

Paintings on her walls

She likes to draw the scenes below

Children playing in the park

The trees, the flowers

The couples making love

She looks to her bed

There in centre of the room

Lace covers she likes to buy

Covers strewn across the floor

Table by the bed ashtray with the cigarettes

Signs of someone who’d been there

For she doesn’t smoke

He came, they screwed, he went

What more to be said

Someone she had met

Love or lust?

Love, it should have been

Lust no doubt she thinks

Lovers for a month

Back to Wife he did deny

But she knew she knew the truth

Someone to love

And be loved

In this room above the street

Where she sits and drinks

Now coffee in her hand

White Roses that he brought

She placed on table and touches so

Soft velvet petals fall down

Remembering nights

Of not being alone

Nights of passion love

Or whatever it was

In someone’s arms

Just for some hours

In this room

Where now she sits




7 thoughts on ““This Room”

    1. I would like to think it did. Rob, I owe you an apology you nominated me for this 3 day quote challenge for which I thank you I did do three but everyone else had theirs in so I felt I got it wrong. Never mind, I do thank you and wish you lots of luck.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. You are very kind Rob, I suppose I am in a way next week would have been flying out to San Francisco, I know that I will do my best to make it next year its just that I had in my mind something I so desperately wanted to do. I guess might be the “after effects” I had an injection in my left shoulder for pain, this afternoon. I fell off my ottoman I sit on when I get out of the bath, I have a lovely chair but have my Bears on it, anyhow I fall asleep on the ottoman fell crashed into the glass tv table hit the shoulder about three weeks ago.

    You are a really lovely chap Rob, so sweet of you to ask, thank you.


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