“Red Wine

A bottle of “Numanthia” Wine

Sits on the table

One Glass, one sad glass

The Waiter goes to pour

“Would you like to taste” he enquires

“No, thats fine just pour please” she answers him

He smiles at her she does not respond

He walks away looking back

One glass no company she had

No company she expected

She sipped her wine

The strong taste of fruits came through

Thinking of better times

That week in Rome

That week with him she remembers

Other tables near her glance across

She ignores no talking does she want

On the Plane they had met

Talking so much they felt like friends

Sharing car to their Hotels

Arranging to meet

Would he be there, would she

They met and soon

Too soon perhaps lovers they were

Days and nights they came and went

The hours of loving that they shared

Side Cafes and Wine to drink

Sunshine, children running by

Now she sits one sad glass of this wine

Is that all it is remembering

How they met and being lovers

She sighed and drank her wine




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