“The Woods”

Step quietly

As you wander through

The Woods where creatures live

Twigs and fallen branches

Underfoot are way ahead

They who live

Within the Woods

Hear every footstep

That you make

Deeper as you find yourself

See how dark it becomes

Are you scared, are you

The animals that roam free

Will stay away from you

They will watch and listen

To all that you will do

Step quietly within the Woods

Take pleasure

In all that you will see

The wildflowers, the grasses

And the magnificent Trees

Are there to enjoy

In the beauty of the Woods


3 thoughts on ““The Woods”

  1. Nearly the whole of England was covered in woods. Full of bears, wolves, wild boar, deer and all the little creatures. We put pay to nearly all of it. It is time to cherish what is left.

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  2. Growing up I loved spending time in the woods behind my house. There was a mountain & I would climb far enough to be able to see out over my childhood home. Some of my best memories were spent there laying on the ground with my dogs thinking about the world far away from those mountains. The woods were full of life; full of silence-such a wonderful place for a child to dream of all that was yet to come. I love your piece. Thank u so much for sharing It reminded me of those sweet childhood memories.


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