“No Respect”

Noise you wake to it

Once people would respect

Their neighbours

Not anymore

Seven in the morning

You wake to the sound of

Circular saws

Then the cars arrive to park for the day

Albeit I live in a private residential area

As far as drivers are concerned

They can park anywhere

Even if it means across one’s drive

Bang, slam, bang, slam go all the car doors

No point staying in bed

Despite three hours sleep

Get up and all day long

You can listen to this circular saw

Heaven knows what they

Are doing with it, dare I suggest

I can look forward to

All the car owners coming back

Later on bang, slam, doors will go

As they prepare to drive home

Peace at last

Don’t say anything

Its quiet until

Oh No

TVs go on

Music is played loud

The crashing around

Of cooking Dinner

The noise starts

All over again



Now this is a noise I could listen to over and over.




5 thoughts on ““No Respect”

  1. There is little respect around these days Rob, particularly in this Country. The house across the road, had to put up with the chap using a circular saw from Friday afternoons to Sunday evenings for three years, I have no idea what he was doing with it. They sold the house back in the Summer, now the new owners are at it?? Freddie Mercury, his voice was unique, so was he. Enjoy your Wine.


  2. I did know you were a Queen fan. šŸ™‚ The older I get the less I find I’m handling noise. I think that’s why even when I’m home alone I never put music on these days. And I HATE going shopping at Walmart in the middle of the day when moms — whose other kids are in school — have all their screaming toddlers there. Not that I dislike toddlers. I have three grandsons of my own. It’s just the shrieking!

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    1. I have to have the tv on or my music during the day, helps me work. At night I go to sleep to music and have the radio so low all night (otherwise I am listening to the lashing of the Sea waves in my ear – Meniere’s). As for the supermarket and children, I shop online so that sorts that one.

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