“America Votes”

Only Americans can make the choice.   Whatever comments are made here in the UK, about Trump or Clinton, we have no right to say how the American People should Vote.

It is without doubt, one of the most fascinating yet worrying Presidential Elections I have followed since I started watching American Elections and Politics, when President Johnson who was then Vice President took over the Office of President from President Kennedy on the fateful day November 22, 1963 as though any of us old enough could forget what happened.  As it has been said many a time, that’s when America lost its innocence.

I watched and supported Bobby Kennedy when he ran for President and then he too was Assassinated.  I had always wanted to be in America when the campaigning was under way, and indeed I was in America when Richard Nixon was running for the Office of President in 1972.  I did not support Nixon but a relative I was staying with was potty about Nixon and had me helping out in one of the campaign branches. I hated it I was all for George McGovern.

Now America has to choose again, and what a choice there is you have Hillary Clinton and if she wins she becomes the First Woman President of the United States.  Or, you can choose Donald Trump I guess he could be called a Politician now, but he is a Businessman.

I am not going to make any comments about either one of them.   The American People have their own views as to whom they believe would be the better President.   All that matters is that whoever wins keeps ALL the Promises they have made to the People.  As here in this Country, there are desparate People in  America crying out for help they have been let down so badly in the last eight years.

In all the years I have been following the Elections and the choice of President, I have never witnessed such an incompetent, ineffectual President as Obama.  I just don’t know why he was elected to a second term but that was the choice of the majority.  On TV here we have seen documentaries of small Towns in America, large Cities absolutely left to rot – make no mistake we have big problems here, but it is shocking to see the dreadful absolutely dreadful hardships, the desperation of the people, not just “Rednecks” as the Clintons call them.  Blue collar and white collar – personally I hate all these terms that are used to describe people.

How America votes and who they choose matters to us in the UK, having a Strong President having a Strong America is so terribly important not just to America but to the UK to the rest of the World.  I was born 1949 and I have never known America not to be the strong Nation we all look to, for the last Eight Years that cannot be said, for me it is so sad to see that America has lost its strength because of such an ineffectual President, I personally will be pleased to see the back of Obama, he has ruined so much of America, oh yes all his rich friends White and Black have remained rich but what about the ordinary hardworking or out of work people White and Black?   I apologise if I have caused any offence, it is not intended.  This is my personal opinion.

Only when the Voters go into the Booths to Vote only then will the truth be told as to who will win Clinton or Tump.   I believe there are so many people who are too afraid to say Trump when asked, the booths will prove the truth.

I feel sorry for America, they deserve far more honest decent Candidates, but this is the choice for them Clinton/Trump.  Right at this time I should be in San Francisco and I was so looking forward to watching the campaigning and perhaps picking up some  campaign Buttons or even a Campaign Hat.  Unfortunately, I found out these items are not allowed to be sold abroad?   I am so disappointed that due to ongoing health problems, my Doctor regarded me as “not fit enough” to go to San Francisco,  next year is on though.

I wish all of those that go to Vote “Good Luck”, and please God no violence whatever the decision is.    My very Best wishes for the future.







11 thoughts on ““America Votes”

  1. Unfortunately whatever happens in America affects us all. So we deserve a say. There’s nothing wrong in speaking our minds about it. The Americans will decide but we can still say what we think.
    I too hope there’s no violence but it’s been stirred up big-time.

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    1. Yes their decision will affect us. But I cannot agree that we have a right to say that the Americans should vote for Clinton as opposed to Trump, as the foremost you would have. I have absolutely no right to say to any American I think you should vote for Trump or Clinton. I would be furious if an American said to me at our elections, vote for the Tories or Labour. The Americans will make that decision and whatever that is you nor I have the right to say to any American “what did you vote that way for”. Unlike you Opher I accept a decision made ie election and get on with it, you don’t like it and you argue and argue.


    1. I bet it does, I feel so sorry for all of you. Watched a documentary the other night on tv and it was obviously about the pending Election, and people saying they were all prepared for the battle after, showed the guns they had and it was made clear they are prepared for a fight. Whoever wins it is not going to please.

      Please God its all words and that America will come through it. You make sure poppet that you and your Husband and the Family keep safe, that’s all that matters.

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      1. I think if voter turnout is low, Trump will win, if it’s high, Hillary wins. I think that’s why you’re seeing the press covering the negatives of Trump more than they cover the negatives of Hillary. As the wikileaks show, the press is in the tank for the democrats. What a sad day for journalism and for the US.

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  2. You know the worst thing about this country (and probably many others)? It’s citizens don’t even know how their own government works. Candidates make all these promises and folks who understand the way the government is set up know darn good and well that candidate probably can’t deliver because the truth is there are so many checks and balances in our constitution that one person can’t do anything on their own. I think the only exception to that is the nuclear button deal. For example, there is no way in hell that a politician can guarantee free education at college. And yet how many candidates this year are promising that? It’s all a joke and game if you don’t know your government enough to know the rules… Sad.

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    1. It is the same here Cheryl, they all lie they are all in it for themselves, they don’t care for the “common man” (forgive that term I dislike it). I think if Theresa May calls an Election I won’t be bothered to Vote, but then I will have no right to complain. The hypocrisy of the Party I was brought up to support, The Labour Party. Labour do not believe in the House of Lords they do not believe in the Honours system but Corbyn, Labour’s leader as far left as you could get, has handed out Honours. To me that betrays the working man.

      I sincerely feel sorry for you all over there, you have no Candidate that is suitable for such a high Office, who do you vote for, I asked the question above, “do you think a lot of Americans will not bother to vote”? I just pray to God violence will not break out, there will be trouble who ever wins do you think. Stay safe all of you Cheryl.

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      1. At the moment there are tons and tons of people voting early in record numbers. The polls say — if you can believe them — the election will go to Clinton even before voting day. I worry about the violence, too. Honestly, I expect to see it from Trump’s followers. And make no mistake, they ARE followers as in cult. They react before they think, just like he does, and they’re making threats all over the place. And now Russia has gotten even more involved. Putin has called all Russia’s people here to come home. Lots of speculation about that. Even makes Drollery nervous. Putin is saying a vote for Clinton is a vote for nuclear war. Yet it’s Trump who is shooting his mouth off about nuking everyone to get ISIS. This damn election is so convoluted.

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