When you have that hunger inside you

So desperate

Do I search

Do I look for the answers

Or do I hold back

You so want the answers

Yet that niggling voice within

Tells you “don’t you will be sorry”

Once you have the answers

And they are not what you want to see

You can’t send them back

You can’t forget

Well not me at least

I know they will remain within me

Better to have stayed innocent perhaps

Do I look, answer me do I search

Or leave alone

My fingers rest on that keyboard

Search or not

I always doubt myself

I have no faith in myself

I can’t make decisions

I cannot cope

But I do cope

I have had to cope

What if

A bloody life of “what if”

For heavens sake make the  decision

Do I……………

4 thoughts on ““Search?”

  1. There are no ‘what ifs’ – there is only what we have. There’s that joke – ‘How do I get to …..’ ‘Well if I was you I wouldn’t start from here.’
    But we have to start from where we are and go forward. There is no path leading back.


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