“The Good Old Country”

Why is it we can never see

How fortunate we are

We mock we condemn

We talk down what good we have

We live in a Free Society

We have Free Speech

We have Free Schools

We have the NHS

Yes, even I am guilty

At times of running our

National Health Service down

But compared to other Countries

We have Free Healthcare

Oh we pay our National Insurance Stamp

We pay our Taxes

There maybe a lot wrong

With “The Old Country”

But its Home, my Home

There were Wars this Country have fought

There were times when She stood alone

But the Country got through

Now we are being divided

Divided because the majority voted

To Leave the European Union

After Forty odd Years

And those that do not want to accept

The Democratic Vote

Are causing trouble

Trying to force us back to Europe

We have People from the Middle East and beyond coming here

And now some say there is hated here

Violence against these people

I accept there is some

But it is not rampant

As some would have  it

We are not all racists

Say one word about them being here

And “you’re a racist” is said

The Flag of England cannot be flown

The St George Cross

As People say its

A Racists Flag

What a load of crap

This is my Country, England

I was Born in England

And proud of it

If I want to fly the Flag of England

No one has the right to stop me

Attack it from outside

Or Inside and I will defend it

There maybe a lot wrong

With “The Old Country”

But one thing is sure

There is a hell of a lot right with it

6 thoughts on ““The Good Old Country”

  1. It’s this pc madness taking deep root, Anna. If you say anything that they disagree with, they will shout you down, and try to shame you. Old, marxists methods at work here. From “1984”: ‘freedom is the ability to say two plus two is four’. Unfortunately, there are times that we can no longer say this.

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    1. I know I have the Irish blood in me from my parents, and you know how much I love Ireland. My blood boils when I hear people attacking this Country in such a way, I always say if its that bad go elsewhere. When I went to Canada and applied for my first British Passport my Father told me on its arrival “don’t lose that girlie, there are people out there who would give anything for it”, I couldn’t see that at the time, I do now. He was so proud of this Country yet he came from Blarney loved Ireland, his eldest Brother blown up the British in “The Troubles” by the “Black and Tans” which were scum, yet he would never run down this Country, I guess I have inherited that. Better get off my “soapbox”.

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  2. When you go into Blarney Village, there is a row of little Houses outside the gate of the Grounds in one of those Houses (I’ll tell you later which one) my Father was born. There is, or was, a “Green” outside the houses the children played there and in the grounds of Blarney Castle. He never kissed “The Blarney Stone”, neither have I ( and I still talk a lot!). One warning “Don’t kiss the Stone”, it is a fact that those who work there and hold you while you kiss the stone, have urinated on the Stone before the Tourists are let in. (saw an Irish programme where that was said).


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