“She Watches”

She waits, as she does every day

Watching from the window

The trees are full in colour

It is Autumn, mild so far

How quickly this year has passed by

She recalls as she watches

Soon the leaves will drop

And cover the yard she says out loud

The weather at present is cool

The days start sunny and warm

Its been a good Autumn so far

As she watches the winding road from her window

She sees figures in the distance

But no it can’t be she says

She strains to look

But the people turn at the bend

No more the figures she sees

Was it, how many years, three or four

Since she watched him walking down the road

And turn at the end and he waved to her

Blew her kisses then turned and no more

No more could she see his face

His body, both that she loved

Both that she longed for now

She had told him not to go

Not to sign up but he went he signed

“Better that than be drafted” he told her

Now as she watched her Garden

Still some Roses that grow

She waits and will wait until dusk

Then she will watch no more

Until tomorrow, when she will watch for him again

Even though a POW

One day soon she tells herself

He will walk down the road

On his way Home

The Trees will be full

The Roses will be out everywhere

And He will be coming home

Home from War

Home to her waiting arms

She will never let him go

No more




12 thoughts on ““She Watches”

  1. That’s a beautiful and haunting piece, Anna. I’m getting quite a lesson on Mr. McKuen, too. What a wonderful voice! I hadn’t listened to much of his music until I found you and your blog. Thank you! Your post today reminded me of When The Tigers Broke Free. Roger Waters of Pink Floyd lost his dad at Anzio. This is the song that he wrote about it:

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    1. I used to see Pink Floyd often and saw the Roger’s Water film of the Wall with its focus on Roger paying tribute to his father and telling how it had affected his life and had such a tragic outcome. It was very moving. Brought tears to my eyes.

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    2. Thank you Rob for sending that music that indeed was so touching. There was a well known Welsh Journalist Wynford Vaughan Thomas who had been at Anzio, many years later he went back with his Wife and he could not go down onto the Beach, he wrote that all he could see on the Beaches and in the Sea was Blood, all those years later and Anzio haunted him. I had a Cousin who was a POW in Vietnam when he finally got home he was completely different, mind was gone – I think he committed suicide.

      Thank you for your kind remarks on what I wrote, can’t tell you how happy I am you liked Rod’s voice.

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  2. Let’s hope there will never be a war again. I for one would much rather be a civilian. I thought your poem was very moving. For so many there was either no homecoming or a broken wreck who bore no resemblance to the man who left physically, mentally or emotionally. Nearly everyone who has been in a war ends up a victim. My dad and granddad, my uncle and Liz’s dad were all traumatised by it.

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