“Good And Bad On Both Sides”

All Women

Are so perfect

Always use their brains

All Women are kind and gentle

Most of all so Loving

Do you honestly think so

I don ‘t

There are good Women

But there are just

As many awful Women

Here in the UK

Its dreadful to see in the news

So many drunken young women

On the streets at the weekends

Having no respect for themselves

Some cry Rape, barely having clothes on

An extremely serious charge


That when girls/women/men have been through it

It changes their life for ever

So when these stupid drunken/drugged women

Forget who they have sex with

Think “I call it Rape”

Who could have sympathy

There are decent Women out there

Lots of them

Unfortunately, its the rotten ones we talk about





Men they say

Think with their Penis

They are liars

They are two faced

They are dishonest

Drunks/ drug addicts you name it

There are no good words for Men

Do I really believe all that


There are rotten Men

Just as there are rotten Women

But there are Men

Who are kind and gentle

And treat Women with respect

Well there are because

Those that I have

Been fortunate enough to know

And been “Friends” with

Have been kind and sweet

And so respectful

I think it is sad to see the way young Men

Are confused these days

The way Women

Expect these young Men to behave

They make them out to be in some cases

More like Women, when the Women act more like Men


What is wrong with a Man

That holds a door Open for a Woman

When I go out for a meal  with my eldest Son

He always holds the chair for me

Both my Sons are respectful

More than kind

They are gentle and spoil me

No, the are not “Mummy’s Boys”

They are grown Men who show respect

I find nothing wrong with that

Perhaps I have been fortunate

To have experienced such








11 thoughts on ““Good And Bad On Both Sides”

  1. Dear Anna, because a woman is dressed provocatively doesn’t mean she deserves to be raped, because she has passed out does not mean a man is justified in taking advantage of the situation. We must all respect ourselves in the ability maintain self control and keep our hands to ourselves unless invited. I commend you on your fine sons.

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    1. I think you tiotally misunderstood what I said re drunken Women. Under no circumstances would I say the way a woman dressess means she should be Raped. I don’t know if you live in the UK, I live around 17 miles from England’s oldest recorded Town, Colchester. Fridays/Saturdays and Sundays the centre of a Town is full of drunken/drugged young women/men. By their own admission some girls have said they don’t care who they have sex with. Now drunk woman/drunk man who is to say its Rape. I have seen videos of these events where some girls and fellows on the street are having sex. Do you think that behaviuous is appropriate, I certainly don’t. I havce a friend who lives in Colchester she has told me locals won’t/can’t go into the Town centre for a q

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    2. Sorry poppet I have a problem with my keyboard, I get cut out. My Friend tells me Colchester Town centre is a “no go area” at the weekend. I don’t care what women wear or men but these days so many seem to have very little respect for themselves. Our Ambulance Service and Casualty Departments in Colchester cannot cope with all the drunks in the Town centre of a weekend. It is all appalling. We are still reeling in this Country from the Jimmy Savile Scandal, the paedophile ring goes right “To the Top” in this Country, these people will get away with all they have done because they are too powerful and have too many “at the Top” protecting them. I knew of a Lady, now dead, who became so mentally disturbed, no one could understand what had happened. It was not until before she died did she tell her Husband, she was a schoolgirl during the Second World War, coming home from school one afternoon a man dragged her into bushes and Raped her. She kept quiet and suffered this her entire life, in the end she was so disturbed. NO ONE has the right to touch another person’s body without permission. Likewise women should be careful when they get so drunk they are unaware what they are doing.

      My apologies for all the errors in the first part. Thank you so much for your very kind words regarding my Sons. Take care.

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      1. My reaction was a gut reaction. Right now we have a man with so little respect for women trying to gain access to the white house. It is unsafe and foolish of women to get intoxicated to the point they put themselves in jeopardy but that is what young people do, even those from best families, I does happen. Still if they are attacked, they are the victim not the culprit. Thank you for your kind words and I hope I didn’t offend you with my outlook on this. I wish everyone could be safe but that is not the world we live in and young people will party and dress in what ever the “going ” thing may be. Does not give men the go ahead to attack them . I know my son would never do such a thing and would defend any woman against an attack regardless of her situation, so looks like we both raised good sons, we should be proud! ❤

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  2. Heartfire, Indeed we should be proud. No, you didn’t offend me, its different out there now I realize that, I may not like what is going on but that is how it is. My Sons are in their Thirties now, I would not like to bring Children up now it is so hard out there for them. It was tough enough when I was raising my Sons, they were young when their Father died but the three of us pulled together and I guess that is why we have good relationship, I have often been told by my Sons friends “I wish you were my mum” makes me wonder what went on in their life.


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