So easy to step aside

To watch as life goes by

From the shadows

One can see

That Life keeps going

But where am I

Here where no one can see

I hide all that is inside

Do you know

Or do you care

I know the secrets

I dare not share

They are mine

And mine alone

For in the shadows

I feel safe

Away from all the hurt

The Pain

You do not understand or care

Thats fine, by me

Its how people behave

Shadows are safe

No one can see

Here I am

I’ll hide

I’m Free

9 thoughts on ““Shadows”

    1. Some people just don’t understand how hard it is for people like us who would rather hide than be “out there”, how much of a struggle it is to get involved. We feel safe protected in our “corner” where no one can hurt us physically or mentally.

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      1. I once even physically hid from a woman at church on Sunday because she was such an ornery person. She had run into at a store that week and ripped me a new one about all my faults. o_O And I’m so damn gullible most of the time I didn’t have the sense to see that who she was really unhappy with was herself. She was projecting a lot of her stuff on me. Still, she literally scared the hell out of me and I went to great lengths to avoid her at church!!! I always assume everything is my fault. It was a mean thing for her to do.

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      1. Cheryl, I think that was a terrible thing for that woman to do, I am beginning to see those that run us down ridicule us, they are the ones with the real problems. I recall once walking down the staircase at work and on the bend I stood to one side for this girl to pass I had never seen her before had no idea her name, as she passed me she called me “bloody stuck up cow”, it upset me so much by the time I got to the bottom of the stairs my best friend Michael was there to comfort me, he heard it all and told me she had started that day in accounts, she did not know me but she judged me like that. Yes, we do blame ourselves, hide away. It is easy for a bully to attack, I no longer let the bully walk over me, as you have seen no doubt.


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