“So Pleased We Met”

How fortunate

To have met you

Albeit over the Internet

What drew us together

One “Beautifully Talented Man”

Who wrote with Love

Who sang the same

A Man so gentle

So sweet so kind

Still He surrounds us

With His Love

He was wrongly vilified

In Life as in Death

By critics who had no real minds

Would we have met

Had it not been for Him

I doubt it

He drew us together

He showed you and I

The Love

For the words

We use

Via Pen or Keyboard

As we write

A Friendship struck up

Because of our Rod

So grateful to have met

Because of Him

A good Friend

On the Internet


6 thoughts on ““So Pleased We Met”

    1. Yes it can be Rob, just over a year ago I would never have thought I would have met such great people. For example, all the laughs you have given me, all the kindness you have shown regarding my writing, I have gained all that.

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