“Who Is Hated more – Clinton Or Trump?”

I heard something interesting this morning as I laid in bed pondering”do I get up”, of course I did, I had to.  As I struggled out of bed, still half asleep after just over three hours sleep, I was still listening intently to all that was being said on the radio – there we go again old fashioned, the radio.   Sorry can’t change now.

What I was listening to was not an argument as such, these days nothing more people like to do then argue.  It was relating to the Election, “The Election” in America, which has dominated our newspapers (sorry still old fashioned reading a newspaper), Radio, Television and of course the Internet or whatever device you may use.

The question by the interviewer to the journalist was “who is hated more Trump or Clinton”.  The answer came back, and it surprised me but perhaps it should not have “Clinton”.    Donald Trump, the journalist went onto say, “was not liked not trusted” and all the other things that come out about Trump.   But when asked about Hillary Clinton the answer was when the Journalist asks the question of people he interviewed “who do you hate most Trump or Clinton”, it came back every time “Clinton, she is a crook and a  dangerous woman”.

The American people have a terrible situation in front of them, thats if indeed they bother to Vote.   There are no Candidates as such no real fit individual that should be President of the United States,  as some say here but it is not for me to say.  It is not my Country not my future President.

The Choice belongs to the American People, they will make the decision and I am sure they will despite whatever choice wins through, the Country will pull together.   Unlike certain groups in this Country who still refuse, like spoilt brats, to accept the democratic vote that the UK Voted to Come Out of Europe and are happy to undermine this Country.

I wish all those that will Vote, Good Luck, I particularly wish them Good Luck for 2017 and the years ahead.


5 thoughts on ““Who Is Hated more – Clinton Or Trump?”

  1. If I’m female, I am hoping such a prestigious and historical event as the first female US president doesn’t go to Hillary. I would want someone worthy of such an honor. If I’m male and it’s Trump, I’m ashamed of being someone who has so thoroughly dishonored men everywhere with his behavior. With so many flaws on both sides, this now becomes a choice between nationalism and globalism.

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    1. What a choice? I never believe in the Polls, and I do believe many when asked who they will vote for are scared to tell the truth, its when they go into that booth then the truth comes out. I love American Politics and I never remember one like this.

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