Close the windows

Lock the doors

Watch the clock

Each tick toc

Until past midnight

Soon the early hours

Total darkness

No sounds

Suddenly a light appears

The upstairs of the house

Erupts in sound

From my bedroom walk to investigate

Follow the light

Follow the sound


LA Dodgers vs Chicago Cubs

There my youngest Son sits in his chair

Whilst “Daisy” our dog

Stretches full length across the bed

My eldest Son is sound asleep

Snoring like a certain animal

David is having a break from his work

Baseball/American Football

Cage fighting this he loves

I sit on bed to annoyance of our Dog

I am learning a lot about the Sports

Forgetting time I sit there

And we talk and talk

Talking over days events

Well tonight

So much will be said

I should listen to my Sons advice

Suddenly he will turn and say

“Do you know its 5am”

Off to bed I will go a kiss for all

To the darkness of my room

Music on to help me sleep

Off to dream

Forget the day

Soon another day will start

Wondering what’s in store

As though I didn’t  know


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