One Doctor I had

A long time ago

Told me

Out of kindness

I suppose

“Anna, you have vulnerability

written across your forehead

And there are people who will

Unkindly use that”

I have never forgotten those Words

That Doctor spoke

How could I possibly do so

I have lived trying to be fair

Trying to be honest

And expect the same in return

Well I hope so

But there are times when

What the Doctor said comes true

And what do I do

I prefer to reverse into my corner

Where I can’t be hurt again

Someone who himself

Had been Beaten so severely as a Child

And Raped as a Seven year old

Said “the physical scars heal

but the mental scars never go away”

How I relate to that

Vulnerability exists

Unkindly there are those

That use it

For their means

We find our safety

All alone

We hide when we are hurt

We take our tears

Alone we are

And we question

WHY  WHY  WHY  WHY…………………………….

5 thoughts on ““Vulnerability”

  1. Such a sad, sad post, Anna. Who would hurt another person, let alone a child. Monsters, not worthy of consideration by society. Each day is a new day, and while the hurt runs deep, the promise of hope and happiness comes with each new day.

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