“Will I Ever Learn”

Someone like me

I try to see the best

In those I meet

Those I correspond with

But we, or I

Never learn

I am always warned

And I know I should listen

But, unfortunately don’t

Then I see what a fool

I have been

Trusting again

Thrown back in my face

Will I ever learn

Will I ever change

Who knows

A Lifetime of bullying

A lifetime of being treated like a fool

You would think by now

I would know

But I accept people

Perhaps too readily

I should start taking  the advice

Given to me

Then I will not be abused

By self centered

Old school bullies

14 thoughts on ““Will I Ever Learn”

      1. You know, I agree with that to a certain extent, but all of us have problems with filters now and then. I know I do. I can be a real snot on a day when I didn’t get enough sleep. So when I find myself getting snarky I make myself stop, get outside my ego, and ask my soul what the heck is going on! (OML! I’m starting to sound like Plato the Younger, eh, Anna? 😉 ) What I mean, I guess, is I always have room for improvement. 😀

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    1. Thank you, my youngest Son David did it all for me, I love it too. Lovely to hear from you, posters on for next year. The Dr marked me unfit to travel, after so many blood tests, other tests, finally injection for pain in shoulder which has helped back, stopping one of the heart tablets “Digoxin” and new exercises I am getting fit for SF next year. David tells me I am going he will make sure, fed up of hearing me go on about it!


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