“October Sky”

Clear Sky

The Sun like June or July

Not cold

Its Autumn

October and leaves fall

Scattered over ground

Mixture of Apples and Pears

Hang from the Trees

My Plum Tree not so good

Yet the ground

Has so much fruit

The Birds and Squirrels

Have a feast to enjoy

A Banquet

A good Day

I love to see the Sun

I feel good

I feel free

No more stress forced on me

At last I no longer have to care

For all the stupidity

That surrounded me

Autumn, October

The Sun shines

So much to look ahead for


7 thoughts on ““October Sky”

    1. I would be preparing to come home now from SF, I have thought about it every day. I realize now I would not have be strong enough, I have some way to go but the Dr stopping the Digoxin for my heart (I am on other hearts tabs too) has helped so maybe I did not need it and the last two years have been terrible for me just so much, I think that tablet did damage. Had blood tests the other day, see Dr again this Friday. Feeling better too for that shoulder injection seems to have helped my back, so why I couldn’t have had that years ago is beyond me. All going well so far, just don’t need stress.

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      1. I meant because physically you were struggling. I know your heart is broken. But you’re doing what you need to do to get there. And when you go next year you will likely be SO thankfully you waited and prepared. You’ll be able to enjoy it so much more. That’s my prayer for you, anyway. 🙂


    1. I know thats what you meant. I just wish more had been done sooner, or I pushed more. The countless times I would go to my other Dr and I feel it was easier to hand put pills. At least this new Dr is listening it seems.


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