“Touch Me”

Touch me

As no other can

The feelings within me

Excite me so

Body and mind

Are yours alone

Each touch

That lingers

Each kiss I recall

Touch me as no other can

I’m yours each day

And every night

When you are here

I’ll wait no matter

How long

It may take

To see you

Feel you

No words we partake

Just touch me as no other can

As the waves crash upon the rocks

Here you are

As hard as rock

Inside me, excites me

Push, push

I hold onto you so tight

My mind explodes

Your tongue slowly traces

All of my body

Each lick of your tongue

Going to places

Only you so know so well

This is Heaven or wherever I go

Bodys twisted, on bed and floor

Rocking side to side we go

Such warm exciting pleasures I feel

As you smile and kiss me

I whisper in your ear

Tomorrow please don’t come

Just stay,  please don’t go




3 thoughts on ““Touch Me”

  1. Anna, you have such a marvelous and gentle way to portray erotica. Never vulgar, it takes me to places that only can evoke smiles and wonderful feelings. Now, I need to find a drink to settle me down. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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