“Make Me Free”

He looked at me with such gorgeous black eyes, so large and yet so sad so terribly sad I cried.  From the internet his picture  has remained with me.  If only, I said “If only I could reach out to you, comfort you help you,  “FREE YOU” I shouted at the screen.

Another wonderful Black Bear held in captivity not just held, but beaten tortured.  Every day a living hell.  For what, to make money to entertain people.  So people and children can poke this fantastic Animal with poles, sticks, thrown cans at it and worse.

What are we doing in this World, there are those that “talk and talk” but we need to take Action, we need to make our voices heard  –  “SHOUT LOUD, END IT NOW”.   Sign all the Petitions that land in your box, they can and do make a difference.  Petitions can work if enough of us sign them.

Windows in my large Porch protest the Cruelty of the Beautiful Bears, the cruelty of other Animals too, what little difference I can make I will.  People who come to my door read the posters in the windows and comment, and I always ask them to make their voices heard.

From a young Child I hated the cruelty to Animals.  I remember on holiday in Ireland, in West Cork when we would go to Mass, some people would arrive with the Donkeys and Carts, I would watch as the Donkeys would be tied up, run over to them and stroke them.  Their eyes their wonderful large eyes always looked terribly sad and I would cry and hug them, I would see the men whip them and I would ask them to stop, my Mother would pull me away, but every Sunday I would run back to the Donkey and  do the same, before and after Mass.  I would sit in Mass only thinking of those poor Donkeys.

I had an “Uncle” in West Cork who would visit us every day as we stayed with my Nana and Blind Grandad, one day this Uncle asked if I wanted to go to this area down the lane  called “The three leps” I went with him all innocent, he had this sack this brown sack tied at the top with string.  As we got there, he told me there was a well down below and just as he told me that, the sack moved from the inside and I could hear little squeals and cries, I asked this Uncle what was in the bag and what was he going to do, he said “Kittens” and threw the sack in.  I ran away from him all the way down the steep area screaming and screaming at the top of my voice.

I ran into the Cottage, my Mother grabbing hold of me and slapping my legs, my Nana saying “what is wrong with the Child Mary don’t hit her”, I managed to get away from my Mother and ran up the stairs to where my Grandad laid in bed, he was totally blind I laid across him and cried and he asked me “what’s wrong child” I told him and he was so annoyed so angry as to what his Son had done.   MY Grandad loved all creatures, he was blinded shoeing his horse, Grandad was the finest Man I have ever known and perhaps because of Grandad my love for animals grew.   I never forgave that Uncle I hated him then and I hate him still, but that’s for another reason and another day.

I am potty about Dogs and never “buy” one, that’s my choice, we only ever rescue them.   It is so sad to see that in their memories the bad things that were done to them are still there.  They give us all their love and hopefully we return it.  I know my Dog is completely spoilt but so what, when my food delivery on a Saturday arrives, I generally get asked “how many Grandchildren do you have”, they look shocked when I tell them “none, the toys belong to my dog”,  to those that have dogs, they share their pic of their dog on their phone with me.

Animals soften the hearts of people but we have to reach out to all humans and make them see what is being done in our names.  How many animals in the Wild have disappeared since you were born, I dread to think, how many more will disappear.









6 thoughts on ““Make Me Free”

    1. Yes, an exquisite animal and those sad eyes they have. They do not deserve to be made a tourist attraction, beaten tortured. They protect their young, die for their young, form a family. I love the Mother instinct in female Bears, the strength and determination of the male Bears. Leave them in the Wild where they belong.

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