“Self Opinionated”

Self opinionated

We see it

We ignore it

For how long

In all walks of life

Self opinionated people

We walk away from

Or we tolerate


Who try to  convince

Their way is the only way

They cannot see beyond themselves


We  fool ourselves

Then there comes a time

When we know

We have to and can walk away

From all the crap fed to us




9 thoughts on ““Self Opinionated”

  1. Are you talking about Trump per chance? It looks like we’re finally walking away from him, thank God! Of course now, thanks to him, we have Putin wanting to send observers over here to monitor the election. Can you believe the audacity of the pair of them!

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    1. No I was not. When it comes to Trump and Clinton, only those that have not made up their minds, only those too scared to say how they will vote in your Election, only when they go in those booths will the truth be told. I don’t envy your decisions, appalled at the utter hypocrisy of that Clinton and her hatred for Catholics but quick enough attending a function by them, but thats Politicians for you. Putin? Watch out because Clinton will push him so far wait and see what damage she does, extremely dangerous. That does not mean if I was an American I would vote for Trump. All the Politicians America has and it comes down to those two. Then look at us, Labour Party, we have an anti semitic extreme far left leader of the Labour Party. Unlike some I do carry a membership card for the Labour Party but I will not vote Labour.

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      1. I know Clinton and Putin have a bad track record. I think that’s cause he’s so much like Trump. Doesn’t want a woman bossing him around. And I expect you’re right. There will be fireworks between those two. But now that he’s showed his hand in this election, all of Washington will surround her and back her up. He may have made a HUGE mistake. But I’ve never heard her say anything about Catholics. What has she said?

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  2. Are you being serious, her views on Catholics has been headline news here in papers, on TV/Radio – bad enough her but the old sex pervert of a husband is on tape condemning Catholics. I may be lapse Catholic but NO ONE has the right to mock anyones belief in God, they have ridiculed all Christians. From what I see the pair of them have had a go at all Christians. She is the one Cheryl that wants Abortion allowed to the last month. Abhorrent. I agree Women should have the say as to what happens re Abortion, but I do not agree “ripping out babies from wombs fully grown, able to breathe survive. What kind of woman would allow an abortion in the Ninth month. Just the thought of a baby being ripped out of its Mother’s womb screaming this is what she says is fine. Neither of them are fit to take the job.

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    1. I think the only problem she has with the Catholic community is that they do try to say a woman doesn’t have a choice of what to do with her own body. And Clinton is certainly a feminist. But even Pope Francis has said the church should practice mercy over moralizing. And that’s really what she’s saying. Trump was using a lot of scare tactics on that debate. Babies are not ripped out of their mother’s bodies. The situations she was talking about are where there needs to be a choice made to save the mother’s life. Especially if there are other children involved. I’m not in favor of abortion, either, but I don’t want some man telling me what I can and can’t do with my own body. And Trump wants to put women in jail and perhaps even execute them for that. The man hates women, Anna. In fact, he hates anyone but Donald Trump.

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      1. Sorry Cheryl, but you sound like someone else, “execute” is so over over the top. Catholic or not every woman can practise Birth control, you don’t have to have a child and to say the Church forbids it, women have minds don’t they. I know that the Pope is more enlightened than previous ones and he wants to change so much perhaps too quickly, it is not safe for him. I am not sticking up for Trump as I have been accused of late, elsewhere, but if Trump hates Women he would not have married three times had so many women, women who throw themselves at him. Lets be honest here Cheryl the likes of Trump, Clinton, Kennedy and any famous man – there are women who will willingly have sex with them because they have MONEY. She has not denied that she would advocate an abortion at nine months, not just because a mother’s life may be at risk. Has no one asked her how many abortions she has had privately and at what period were those babies aborted. Along with the women that Bill f….d, how many were paid by the Clintons to abort the child? Have you ever seen films of a real abortion, I have, the Babies are ripped out, are suctioned via the top of the baby’s scull. The baby is not a “thing” it is alive it feels pain that has been proved.

        I think your Presidential race has shown how corrupt Both are not just one but both. We have had the same here in the past and nothing changes. Whoever wins there will be trouble there are people so desperate. I think what Kerry did is an utter disgrace and shows just how scared the Clintons are, closing down the Wikileaks, make no mistake I do not like that Assange but in the closing weeks of the Presidential Race Kerry on the orders of Clinton took those actions is disgusting. You say Clinton is a feminist, aren’t we all, or at least the great majority are from our generation in particular. Sometimes it goes too far.

        As I have said all along it is not for me to say who should win, it is not my Country, contrary to being attacked for my views elsewhere I stand by what I have stated it is the choice of the American people to make, and I really don’t envy you.

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  3. I didn’t say execute, Anna, Trump did. I don’t think it’s as simple as that. There are a lot of businesses and religious organizations here that have refused to have their health plans cover their employees’ contraceptives. Not just Catholic businesses. Hobby Lobby, which is a nationwide Protestant craft store, is going through a huge lawsuit right now because of that. To me it’s about someone else trying to make me do what THEY think I should. I’m not in favor of that no way, no how. I’m surprised you don’t feel that way.

    Yes, I have seen abortion films up close and personal. I was made to watch them. (And may I say that SOME of them really were propaganda.) I was made to watch them because I was a counselor at a Crisis Pregnancy Center for two years. And maybe that’s one reason why I feel as strongly about it as I do. My youngest client was 13. If I had my druthers I’d rather see there be good contraception teaching. Stopping the abortion holocaust has to begin with teaching people, especially young people, females AND males, to be responsible. But most states over here won’t allow that to be taught in schools, and the kids sure aren’t getting it at home. That would be my choice anyway.

    As to the election, the choice truly is the lesser of two evils this year. There’s no other way I can look at it. I have to decide which one of them has more experience and knows how to conduct themselves with dignitaries from other countries. That’s not Trump. His tendency is to flare up and blame everyone but himself when things go wrong. Had he learned to man up and be the change he wants to see in the world, I might have felt different. But as it is, he’s too unstable for the responsibility. Clinton may be a so called “bitch,” but she’s got steel ones, and if she’s going to function in that “man’s” job she’s gonna need ’em. And I honestly believe Trump’s in bed with Russian. I believe that’s the reason he won’t make his taxes public. A lot of people believe that. If he wanted to alleviate that fear, all he had to do was show them publicly.

    I will be so glad when this damn election is over, but I really fear like that won’t be the end of the destruction. I’m guessing the Republican party as we knew it is no more.


  4. When you say to me “I’m surprised you don’t feel that way” are you referring that I have no objections to someone telling me what to do or think. Cheryl you know the answer to that. My life has been one of people telling me what to do what to think even of late, and yes, I have and always will object to be told what to do or
    think if it is not what I want. That was unfair of you.

    I did not say You said “execute”. It is an hysterical remark, quite ridiculous thing to say, whoever said it. Many statements have been made by either Trump or Clinton. If as you say Trump made the remark, we have followed closely your Election and have not heard anywhere that comment made. Where did you see it or read it or hear it, I am sure something as outrageous as that comment would be headlines the World over, especially here. Trump or Clinton cannot put any woman in prison or “execute” them for having an abortion. Whatever your Law maybe who ever is in charge will have to obey the Law at that time.

    You will be visiting a Country Ireland, I refer to the South (Eire some call it) that has partial Abortion Laws, women who are denied an abortion come to England to get rid of the Child. When the Abortion Law was passed here, the limit was set as to the month no abortion would be permitted after. They were also quite strict as to reason for abortion and I mean by that years later the Laws were changed regarding the final abortion date and anyone could have an abortion, it was no longer medical grounds or Rape it is now because “having a baby would be inconvenient”.

    I have not stated that I am against abortion or against Women’s rights, I actually told you “we were all Feminists”, what I said was I did not agree with an abortion at nine months.

    I will email you some links to Google Maps, re Blarney and Cork where your Ship will come in. I hope you like them.

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    1. I don’t remember when I heard Trump say that, Anna. It’s been months ago when his campaign first started up. Even before the primaries. But the Republican party was all over him because they knew it would kill the party.

      Why are you so angry at me, Anna? My comments were that I was not for either candidate at the moment. Still haven’t decided what to do. I was just telling you what I’ve seen and heard here and what I think about it.


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