“Hope You Enjoy The Following”

“Weeds are just flowers

Planted where you do not want them to be”



“Always sit by a window

Where you can see the Trees”



“These long years later it is worse

for I remember what it was

as well as what it might have been”





“To those of whom much is given

Much is required”

John F Kennedy


“To Love”  –  Earl of Rochester

“Such sweet, dear, tempting

Devils Women are”


“Satire Against Reason and Mankind”  –  Rochester

“For wits are treated just like common Whores:

First they’re enjoyed, and then kicked out of doors”


Some Irish/English/American Limericks

There was a young gal name Sally

Who loved an occasional dally.

She sat on the lap

of a well-endowed chap

Crying “gee, Dick, you’re right up my alley”


I finally found the perfect girl.

I could not ask for more.

She’s deaf and dumb and oversexed.

And owns a liquor store

Attributed to the late Dean Martin


T S Eliot is quite at a loss

When clubwomen bustle across

At literary teas

Crying, “What if you please

Did you mean by  The Mill On The Floss”

W. H. Auden  (“The Mill on the Floss” by George Eliot my favourite book)











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