“Protecting Them All”

The Sun tries to break through

The long branches of one of my Trees

That stands proudly

Looking at me

As I stare from my Kitchen Window

Watching the Squirrels

One jumps from a branch

To the roof of my Barn

Here he goes running for the Peanuts

I have just put out

In the feeder he has made a small hole

Too greedy to pick the nuts as he should

He makes a hole and pulls nuts through

Pigeons on the Bird table

Scatter the seeded loaf just placed there

Its nice as I hang washing out

A little chilly  but its October

The weather so far is good

A Plane so far up in the Sky

I wonder where it is going

Or coming from

The smell of Sea Salt

Sometimes permeates the air

The Beaches and North Sea

Just a few roads away

But for me

I love the sound of the Birds as they sing

As they forage for food

Its a Banquet here

They wait for me of a Morning

By Afternoon they are all back

On the Bird table and roof

On the ground waiting for more

I have to keep up with them

For they rely on me

One day, I hope will never come

No more Birds, Pigeons

Hedgehog, Squirrels or Toad

We have to protect all that we have

This Earth of ours

The Sea and the Sky

So much destroyed

Yet we must keep on

Protecting them all


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