As she laid there in that large bed

She sighed, with such exaltation

The Sea breezes

Were gently blowing

Through the Verandah doors

And she could smell the sea salt

In the air that wafted through

She wished they could stay like this forever

The shere pleasure of feeling him inside her

Her fingers running down his back

Feeling every line

Just as well she did not have longer fingernails

His skin so soft as she let her fingers move up and down

He smelt so good he always did

When he ran his tongue up and down the inside of her thighs

Until he reached her, the feelings inside her, wow

His mouth on her breasts

Licking her nipples

Yes it felt so good, tingling

Oh God don’t stop please don’t stop

She called out to him

As he kissed her full on the mouth

Pushing hard inside her, he was enjoying her

“oh darling, more” she called out

His tongue ran down her neck

Until he returned to her breasts

Everytime from the first time

She enjoyed orgasims

She felt sorry for those that did not experience them

They were out of this world

She would squeal with such pleasure and desire

Her stomach would feel all bubbly

She felt she was throbbing all over inside herself

What were the words to describe what she felt

Her mind was throbbing

She would move her head from side to side

Stretch her arms out

As he would grasp her hands

And hold them back at each side of her

She didn’t want him to stop as her body moved to his

Deeper and deeper he would push

“Don’t stop don’t stop” she would try not to shout

Every time she had an orgasim this was wonderful

She could not imagine not having one

As he rolled off her onto his back

And lifted her onto him

She looked down into his face

As he played with her breasts

Bouncing them up and down

She kissed him hard , her tongue slowly

So slowly licking his face and along his neck down to his chest

She reached down with her right hand to his penis


And then one of the doors

On the verandah banged closed

She turned around to look

As she looked back at him

And then nothing

Absolutely nothing

Her eyes opened as she lay on her back in her large bed

Hell that was so good she said softly

She smiled, raised herself up

Naked , she felt herself below

She reached for tissues

Yes, that was good she said

She sat to the side of her bed

Feeling her rock hard nipples

She stood up looked at herself in the mirror and smiled

Running to the shower

As the alarm clock went off

On her bedside table

Where his picture sat looking towards the bed

A constant reminder when he was not there

Where her phone laid

So they could talk

He telling her to undress slowly, carefully

Until she was naked and on the bed

He would tell her in his deep voice what to do next

Not just for her but for him, for them

She reached into the shower ran the water

Stepped in and the water trickled softly

On her body, she showered

Feeling herself, wishing he was in the shower with her

That was always good, even better a bath

Laying back into his chest

As his arms engulfed her

He would caress her breasts

Then lowering a hand until he was

Softly rubbing her

No, I can’t now

Wait until tonight she said laughing

“Another day” she shouted

With a smile so wide


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