“A Token As You Walk Away And A Life Between Pages”

If you were to walk away from your life, leave everything and everyone you know behind, never to return to the Life you know ever again.  What is the one or two items – not more than two – would you take with you.  This item does not have to sum up the life you are leaving behind, it can be something of love/joy/pleasure, a sad memory you want to keep.  A future you have in your mind to build.  It is not an easy decision to make, but all you will have is this token or two that means the most to you.

Have you ever felt you want to walk away from all you have known.  You can and will go wherever you want in this World, be a new person, become whatever you have always wished to become, dreamt about.

Deep within in you lies hidden that token you hold so close to your Heart.  No one from your past will know who you have become, they will never know where you have disappeared to.  You will meet new people, maybe even allow one or more to come close to your heart.  Whatever you do will be for you alone to decide.

You may wish to be totally alone.    Alone, so misunderstood, one can be alone but never lonely.  Some people do not need physical contact all the time, maybe not need it at all.  Happy with all they have or resigned themselves to that is how their life will be.

There will be those that will say, its unhealthy, not normal, weird if you want to be completely alone or partially alone.   If you do not fit into what they deem to be correct, then in their terms “you have problems”, indeed?    Sorry but that is crap, who are these people to say a person does not have the right to live their life as they wish.  Who is to say those that choose to be alone, are not happy in their choice.

Which takes us back to what token would you take with you.   Do I here reveal my secret, what my two tokens will be.    For me they would have to be a Journal that never ever runs out of pages to write and doodle upon and a ballpoint pen that also will have a continuous flow of ink.

For me a journal has been part of my life for longer than I care to think.   Whenever I left my home be it for a night or two weeks or 6 weeks.   My Journal and favourite pen would accompany me. Whatever events that took place that day would be written about before going to sleep.

With my Journal and precious Pen, I am never alone.  Happiness/pleasure/pain, its all there within the pages.  Leaves, petals from flowers, pieces from plants, even weeds, Bird feathers are pressed between pages.  Precious moments of my Sons when they were small, words expressed about them now all grown, Men that will always be in my memory – memories kept between pages.  My Journal and Pen, my tokens.

In this World, since I was born, I find at times it is hard to recognise all that has happened.  Even since my Sons were born the changes made – some good some necessary but so many changes frightening terrible, damage to our World that can’t be rectified.  So much violence, is there anywhere on this planet that does not have violence.   Wars, the continuing violence of those that want to take control, where in many cases those that are supposed to be protecting us cannot see completely what is going on.  Losing our cultures, no person or Country should dictate or force their culture on another country or its people.

These happenings I would love to completely walk away from.  Rows, arguments, violence, power crazy individuals who do not care for others only themselves.  People whose opinions matter, no one else has a right to have an opinion, at least not if it does not conform.  Cruelty to Animals, the destruction of animals, animals I once would read about,  see in pictures who now no longer exist.  The environment what are we continually doing to it, day by day destroying it all.

All these things I write about, I write of love of pain of happiness, my Journal/pen  –    part of me as my skin is a part of me.  My Life is contained within Journals, the good and the bad, its all there.   The happy times, mainly bringing my Sons up, the love I have from them, that no others have ever given to me, apart from the Dogs I have had in my time, little bits of fur of every Dog reminders of their beauty their love.   What I dreamt about, hoping what my life would be, what came about, what I want in the end.   A Life between pages.

Your Token?























































11 thoughts on ““A Token As You Walk Away And A Life Between Pages”

  1. Great post, Anna. I could never do that. But I can tell you what I want in my casket when I’m buried. A computer card with ballet slippers son it that Drollery made for me that says “Dream of Dancing, God Knows Your Heart.” A card Bran gave me when he was a teenager that had XXXOOO under his name with an arrow pointing to one of the “hugs” and the words, “Ooo! That’s a Big One,” (from a movie we loved to watch). A framed pix of a big maple leaf and a small maple leaf that Stef gave me (it was supposed to be me and her). From my dear Kim from Australia, the beryl stone and burnished leaf pin for my hair she gave Calensariel. A beautiful wooden candle holder made by my friend Serge in Canada (to light my way). And my stuffed pack rat Percy. It’s all written down. 🙂

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  2. Thats quite an amount of items you want. The Boys know that I just want a Wicker casket or Cardboard, nothing fancy. As for items I would take with me, they would be all the happy memories of bringing two Sons into the World watching them grow from beautiful Babies to loving, caring Men, all those would be within my Soul. Then Cremated and scattered with the Ashes of my “baby” cross Border Collie to be scattered in Killarney by a Lake we loved.

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  3. Reblogged this on honestme363 and commented:
    I just loved this post by Anna. It had me thinking…While there have between times I contemplated walking away, I know I just couldn’t do it. But if there were two tokens that I could take with me, from one life to the next, it would have to be the love that has been given to me, and the love that I have to give. It is something that I didn’t know I had until I lost it. And for years I muddled around thinking I never had it all, or would never be able to find it. It soothes me, calms me, and heals me. And without it, I wouldn’t be who I am today.
    What would your tokens be?
    *comments disabled here, please visit Anna :)*

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