“Well It made Me Laugh”

Wanting to switch off, so to speak, last night from tension, I wanted to find something on the tv that would make me do precisely that.  I found the film to fit, now I don’t like comedy that much or musicals.  Much preferring Action films, my preference Westerns and War Films.   As I flicked through the channels I ended up looking at Tracey Ullman, who recently has returned home to the UK, anyhow as I started to watch I started to laugh and laugh and laugh.  This was utter rubbish what I was looking at but if there is such a thing as enjoyable rubbish this was it.  Apart from Ullman I had no idea who anyone else was in this film.

This woman, played by Ullman gets knocked on the head in a car accident and becomes immediately a SEX ADDICT.  Well I don’t think I need to go into the whole film but we went from the local Policeman whose fetish was to dress as a Baby and liked to be treated so.  A grocery boy who would get his pleasure from licking dirt, anyones kind of dirt.   Odd to say the least this film, yes I was forgetting my problems and laughed so loud, this was going on for 3am and I looked on the screen to see when the film ended, around 3.30 4am, decided had to see the end of it, usually up anyway at this time so why not see the end of it.

Ullman had a Daughter who had these OVERSIZED breasts and I mean OVERSIZED breasts, she would scream like all the others “I’m a sex addict and I want it”  (did I say, “don’t we all”, to the tv, well lets keep that a secret!!).  My youngest Son came into my bedroom and said “why aren’t you in bed, what on earth are you looking at, that’s Johnny Knoxville”, to which I replied “who”.  I told my Son what it was all about and he said “I’ll leave you to it” as he went off to watch American Football.

There was a woman, who we were told had this English fetish, pouring food all over herself and rubbing it all in.   An older Woman who talked  about and did Masturbate – no embarrassment here please.  All along Ullman’s Husband was trying to stop his Wife from demanding sex with everyone, the local bus driver, neighbours the list went on, whilst we saw her shall we say not as she put it, but I do, her “Virgina on Fire” – Knoxville from what I could gather was trying to turn the street he had moved into,  to a non stop Sex Party Street, we had the Three homosexual Teddy Bears “always hungry”.  Knoxville had his 11 Disciples but needed the Twelfth and you will never guess Ullman was the Twelfth, in the end even her Husband and Mother joined in, “Sex, Sex and More Sex” as they say.   oh, and all the Squirrels that went around the neighbourhood gardens “humping” all the time.  I have lots of Squirrels in my garden, now I know why.

This whole film was absolutely crazy, did I enjoy it well put it this way I laughed so much, my problems that had arisen were beginning to look to me as totally unimportant.   Needless to say I couldn’t sleep after that film, my Son made me a cup of tea, would have preferred a G&T, but never mind Tea done the job.  I stayed up until 5.30 and watched one of my favourite Actors, Susan Heywood and Tyrone Power in the original “Rawhide”, not the tv series that came later with “good old Clint”, wow now there is someone I could watch all the time.  Did I enjoy the film “Rawhide”, yes I did.   I just love Westerns and this was one good old Black and White film.    Have I forgotten this other film, which my Son told me was called “A Dirty Shame”, no I have not.  I always like to watch the full credits at the end of every film I look at, always have enjoyed doing that, anyhow it was filmed in the City of Baltimore  –  my goodness I wonder what exactly goes on in some of those streets?   I have a little Teddy Bear ornament in my cloakroom he sits on a shelf, sometimes I have to hide it when people call in case they get embarrassed, the Bear has a black leather coat partially on he has pulled it wide open and he is exposing himself, after the film above perhaps I should remove him!

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