“Not Enough”

When words are not enough

And the feelings inside

Are overwhelming

Just to see you

Touch you

That is what I long for

To look in your eyes

Have all my questions answered


4 thoughts on ““Not Enough”

      1. I think all our words come from a core truth inside of me. David hurt you so much and I think you still somehow feel like you should have been able to do something about it, or at least figure it out early on. Or am I reading that wrong? I worry about that with you…

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      2. Cheryl, You are right when you say he hurt me, indeed he did but I was stupid enough to let him, as for “figuring it out” earlier deep down I felt there was a “secret” but did not want to face it. How many of us don’t ask the questions that within niggle away at us, then when too late we regret it all. Now, no I don’t think of David that much, I have made myself move on from him there is nothing I can do, he used me I foolishly let him. I make mistakes all the time, I get hurt and it takes time to put it behind me. That was not about David , I was listening to my music and the words started to come – the result the above.


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