“Do I Like YOU?”

Do we like ourselves

Or do we pretend that we do

Just pretend you were a stranger

And you were introduced by someone to “you”

Would you like the person you are having a conversation with

Or would it be the way that “you” looked

As the stranger how would you judge “you”

Do we really know how people truthfully perceive us

Do they actually pretend to like you

How sincere can they be

Would you like you honestly

Do you truthfully like yourself

As you are

Stand naked facing a mirror

Look at yourself in every direction

Then look in the mirror up close

And answer what is it makes me like me

The person you are inside

The heart the soul that makes you

Or do you like yourself because of how you look

As yourself

I finally like myself, its taken a long time

I am not confident

Its taken far too long for me to be strong

I am told I am strong not physically perhaps

Well I used to be

But Age and illness and life has had its effects

I do think now I have an inner strength

That has helped me cope with so much

Thanks to someone I have learnt

That I am a nice person

I say red faced with lots of embarrassment

But Do You Like YOU

And Why


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