“Holmes And Watson”

I have two Goldfish “Holmes and Watson”

Late last night past 11pm

The pump in the tank

Well, it just stopped pumping

Panic stations, I do panic

At times like these

I took the pump out cleaned it all

Put it back in switched on

And NO it would not work

In and out the pump was from the tank

But it would not work

Ordered a new one on Amazon

Arrives Express on Friday

Silly, but I worried as I tried to sleep

Came down this morning

No, no “Watson” was dead

Floating on the top

I blame myself

How do they survive in an ordinary bowl

Now as I watch “Holmes” he is so slow

Moving around slowly, slowly

Is he going to survive

Oh please don’t let him die

I know I am soft, for the tears fell

Can’t help it

Have you cried for anything

Like this, a Goldfish


6 thoughts on ““Holmes And Watson”

  1. Goldfish are related to carp, and therefor need high levels of oxygen. I’m sorry for your loss, Anna. I had a Navarchus Angelfish that died after 15 years in my aquarium. I was deeply saddened by the loss, as I am when any of my pets pass on.

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    1. Thank you Rob, the pump was only purchased last year, had thought it would last longer than that. I would like to get another Goldfish, if “Holmes” survives until tomorrow, I don’t want him lonely but then I don’t want him upset either at another Goldfish. Daft aren’t I. Will bury “Watson” in the back Garden.

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      1. Is the pump for a filter or for aeration? They have emergency battery operated air pumps at petco for about 15 US. It’s a good thing to have on hand. Also, remember never to wash out your gravel. The beneficial bacteria that breaks down the fish waste live in the gravel.

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      2. Rob, I believe its a filter. I have ordered a new one which is coming “express” from Amazon tomorrow its about £12 (I live here in the UK Rob – Clacton-on-Sea in the County of Essex) our exchange rate I think that would not be far off $12. I have said so often “I think I need a new pump” but never got it, could kick myself. Thanks for the tips, I don’t remove the gravel when cleaning thank goodness.


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