“Holmes And Watson Our Goldfish”

Well I dreaded it

After I had found little Watson

Dead yesterday morning

The pump had broken

I ordered a new one from Amazon

Express Delivery for Friday

Not exactly “Express”

Last night Holmes was not looking good

I stayed up all night

Well I don’t go to bed until 4am now

So I stayed up going down to the Kitchen

Where they lived in their tank

Every 15 minutes to check on Holmes

“Jaws” I used to call him  he was so strong

At around 5.40am Holmes died

Its awful, both gone

They gave me so much Peace and Solace

Just a little while ago

I buried Holmes with Watson

Together again

You may think me “daft”

But I love all God’s Creatures

Now the two Brothers

Rest together


2 thoughts on ““Holmes And Watson Our Goldfish”

  1. I’m sorry, Anna. I know how you feel, but these things happen on occasion. They had each other in life and in death. I know that you can’t replace the part of your heart that they occupied, but having a new pet eventually will be chicken soup for the broken heart.


  2. So sorry, hon. Did you have a little service for them?

    Are you going to get you another pair? You could call them Laurel and Hardy or Abbott and Costello… Or Fred and Ethel? Or Archie and Edith?


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