“Spring Cleaning?”

I must be mad

But I have been kind of

“Spring Cleaning”

I know Christmas is on the way

But feeling down today

Having just lost my two Goldfish

I needed to take my mind of it a little

So crazy me decided to

Wash all the Window and door frames

Those that I could reach of course

My ladder in the house, is not too safe

Have to order a new one today

After I cleaned all the frames

Well I had to clean the windows

Three hours I was at it and I am now Tired

Have to say they look good

I need a good strong cup of Tea

And feet up for 10mins

Even more crazy

I have a joint of Beef

To cook tonight, a full Roast

Never mind I will try and stay awake

At least the windows and door frames look good

The windows are nice and clean

And my conscience is clear




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