“Easy Today”

Today, I am taking it a bit easy.  Yesterday I looked at my front Garden and thought “some weeding”.  That weeding went from pruning shrubs to trying to cut some branches on Trees, my Eucalyptus is now so high I need the safety ladder for that, for another day?

Wherever I looked there seemed to be more and more work to be done.  Where on earth did all the leaves come from, I appeared to be sweeping up leaves so much.  Then there were all the rubbish sacks they seemed to be piling up, sweeping the ground I thought it would never end.  I had a couple of breaks with my faithful friend “Daisy” we would sit on the front door step me with my coffee and orange juice and Daisy with her biscuits, and bringing her toys out into the garden.  She sits at the centre gate, beheaded stuffed toys halfway through the gate in the faint hope someone will play with her, sometimes she barks.


I went out into the garden about 11.30 that morning and ended up coming in just gone 7pm, I was cold and tired very tired.  Thank God, Saturday evenings my Sons get a “Takeaway” so I don’t have to cook, I had some Stilton and Cheddar crackers and grapes, yummy.   I just ached and longed for a Very Hot bath, with lots and lots of bubbles, but first a lovely mug of Hot Chocolate I had in mind, in came Daisy with those fantastic Teddy Bear eyes that told me “no you don’t I come first I want my dinner”, everything stops right there and then and Daisy gets fed.


Although I was tired it was a pleasing tiredness I had worked hard but in a way enjoyed it.  The last two years have been awful.   Not being well and tired all the time, falling asleep, no energy and not wanting to do anything.  But since my Doctor stopped one of my heart tablets, “Digoxin”, I have in the last three/four weeks been feeling so much better.   My energy is back and I just long to get my Gardens finally sorted out and back to how they used to be.  Then get my House all sorted out, to all the things I have let slip in the last two years.  After that comes Life.   Make no mistake I do get tired after all the work, but it is a satisfying tiredness.  When my eldest Son returned from work he said my breathing was very heavy, I told him what I had done, then he was on at me to “sit down will you”, I felt ok, but then…….


After my bath, my lovely HOT bath full of gorgeous bubbles and a soaking for an hour, listening to music, ecstasy well my sort of ecstasy that is, sad aren’t  I.  Wrapped all up in my nice fluffy towel, hair all wet dripping down my back, my glass of Orange I was enjoying, no Gin just Orange, I sat on the edge of my Ottoman after sitting watching tv, rubbish that is, before I turned it over to see documentaries on Murders, well made interesting viewing.  It was gone 2am, so what could one expect on tv.


I don’t remember falling asleep, it has happened before too many times.  Much to my Sons annoyance I keep sitting on the ottoman, even after my youngest Son bought me a lovely bedroom chair I still sit on this thing.  Well you can guess, I fell off and for the second time perhaps more, I went head first into my glass tv table.  I woke as my head hit the table.  I  caught a small part of the top of my head on the left side and some of my forehead.  Bang straight onto the side of the glass, for an instance my left eye was blurred and I felt dizzy and groggy.  I got myself off the floor, stumbling and managed to sit down until the dizzy bit was over.  I was more concerned about the boxes on the floor where I fell they had some special photographs in them, last thing I wanted was to have damaged them all with my fall, the majority of the photographs were 50 years old a few even a lot older than that.  Trust me.  Immediately I had such a pain in my head, as I went to the bathroom to hang my towel up I called to my youngest Son who was working as usual, and he said to me “was that you, I thought the ceiling was coming down”.  I told him I was going to go bed, the pain in my head was bad.


I could not wait to get into bed, and thats not me.  I just wanted to get my head on that pillow and sleep.  I don’t know how long I had been asleep, my music I put on the LP had stopped.  My youngest Son woke me to see how I was, I think he was worried, he asked how the pain was, and put my music back on for me.  There was no blood, and I think I was lucky the glass did not break.  The Bears on my bedroom chair are going to have to come off now.  Had too many lucky escapes from all the falls I have had from this ottoman.  Do you know something, I keep saying that, must make the effort to get the Bears off.


So today, I have felt quiet, certainly no gardening even though its been a lovely Sunny day, maybe cold but the sun was out.   Trying to catch up on my reading.  Had three new books delivered since Friday, I am always tempted to start a new book and not finish for a while the one I had been reading.     I hope your Sunday  has been a nice day.   Our Clocks went back an hour early  this Morning.  I don’t know why we still do this stupid thing with the clocks back/forwards.  Apparently its all to do with the Farmers in the Scottish Highlands and their getting up early to milk their Cows.   Time it stopped.




5 thoughts on ““Easy Today”

  1. Anna…I hope your ok???? ❤️❤️❤️

    Cheryl told me you were asking about me…………
    I’m doing ok. I’ve been very busy going through everything, getting rid of what is not needed and trying to tie up loose ends as I’m getting ready to move. I’m going to go to Pennsylvania and live with my son for a while…give myself time to grieve and heal while being surrounded by my children and grandchildren….know that I’m doing ok…yes I miss Jim terribly…but I know he’s with me and he’s guiding me along..everything that I’m doing feels right….

    Take care of yourself Anna….❤️❤️❤️

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    1. Dear Linda
      I have been thinking about you so much. I so wanted to contact you, but I did not write as I was not sure if I would be intruding on your privacy. I know, after David died, how hard it is how unreal it all is. You want to talk and then you don’t, perhaps for me it was different I had small Children to keep going. You are a strong Lady only you know what is right for you, Jim will always be there for you, always. A friend told me when David died “remember he is just beyond that door, you cannot see him but he sees you, hears you and will be there for you all the time”, it helped me. Somehow I had the strength to keep going and I can only assume God and David got me through. You are strong and will make your decisions, the right ones.

      You will miss where you are, but will always have your wonderful memories and those magnificent photographs – no one can take all those. You are fortunate Linda that you had Jim you loved so much and will always love, and that he loved you equally. – that is worth more than anything else in the World. Being with your Children and the beautiful Grandchildren will be of great comfort.

      You take great care of yourself dear friend, (I am doing fine, how kind and thoughtful you are to ask in the midst of your sorrow) I am always here for you Linda. My thoughts are with you poppet, from across the Sea I send you lots of love and hugs. Always, Anna.

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      1. Anna,
        Thank you for this….I love the thought of Jim being on the other side of the door ❤️
        He’s with me every moment Anna…I draw strength from him and our grandparents and know they are all helping to guide me along on the next leg of my journey………..all the thoughts and prayers and kind words are medicine Anna…I’ll be forever grateful to all of you who have shown me so much love and kindness through this difficult time ❤️❤️❤️

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  2. Good Lord, woman! In the first place, how can you be comfortable siting on an ottoman with no back support? Sometimes, girl, you worry me to death. Let the bears have the ottoman. YOU take the chair! How’s the head feeling? Didn’t need stitches, I presume? {{{Anna}}}

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    1. Uncomfortable, you are so right. You sound just like the Boys, Jonathan has threatened to take the armchair I have away from me if I don’t “get those bloody Bears off, or I will put that chair in my room”, he means it too. My Head is much better starting to feel sore that’s all. Jonathan said I was lucky the glass did not smash I think I am, my youngest Son said “did you break the table”, I said “no” he replied “good, because I am not buying another one”!! I should listen but I don’t, again you are right, the Bears can go on the ottoman.

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