“I Don’t Need”

I don’t need brooches

Or Necklaces made of Gold

Diamond Rings I won’t wear

I don’t need all these

Don’t buy my Love

Or think you can

My love is yours

No price you pay


Take me as I am

Plain that’s me

Can’t you see

As I stand here


In front of you


I just need you

No jewels or cars

Just your Love

That’s all I ask of you

Is that too much




9 thoughts on ““I Don’t Need”

  1. They were very popular, John Walker suffered with Depression became a recluse but now and again he has come back with fantastic music – my eldest Son even likes him. Sorry I have been out of action and not responding to emails as I should, trying to catch up with work. Are you ok?


    1. Cheryl, the little Deer has gone, but I was talking to a Lady a few gardens down from us but at the back of us, if that makes sense. She was telling me how her garden is so overgrown, I mentioned “Bambi” and she said she thought some creature had been in her garden she thought it was a wild dog, it could be “Bambi”. I would not have made a good Vet, I could not put an animal to sleep it would have broken my heart, but you are right I so love Animals, they never let you down.

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