“November, Not Just One Day Remember, But The Whole Month Please

As we approach November it is a time to reflect.  November is the month when we British should pay our Respects to all those extremely Brave Men and Women who have served their Country with Pride.

Some out there will laugh or mock that, but they would not be here if it was not for the bravery of these Men and Women.  I doubt there are many, if at all any, Service People from the First World War.  There are those that served in the Second World War, that ended in 1945 all that time ago – before I was born.

Yet that is no reason because the Wars, even the Falklands War, were so in the past we should forget.  I remember the Falklands War vividly every evening on our televisions we would watch the fighting, the Exocet missiles it was believed Argentina  could not have but they did.  I remember the day the Service Men and Women said Farewell to their Families at Southampton or Portsmouth.  I had my first born, my Baby Son on my lap as we watched the ships sail out.  One wondered as all others must have “will they come back”.

The Falklands War was not the quick War Mrs Thatcher and her Government expected, the Argentines fought hard to take back “The Malvinas”.    Men came back, those that were lucky, if one could call it that, so badly burnt from the ships that were blown up.  Then we have the Middle east and the permanent damage that “Blood on my hands” Blair as the then Labour Prime Minister did, the plan to go to War over what the lies Blair and Bush made up.  Bush wanted War and he persuaded his puppet Blair to go along.  What we have now is the consequences of all the damage done by those two “greedy men”.

We have ISIS more than just terrorists, we have never seen the like of these people – the butchery they so publicly show and are proud of it.   ISIS would not be there now had America’s Obama and David Cameron our Prime Minister done what they should have, gone and sorted it all out, no they preferred like cowards to stand back.

Now all those people who refused to interfere in Syria and get rid of ISIS and they could have, they now have the gall to protest about Putin.  Yes I am being controversial, but lets be perfectly honest he went in and is doing the job the British and Americans and their allies refused to do.

Oh, I know all about the atrocities, but what about the atrocities in  the Gulf War, conveniently forgotten.   Like those brave Men and Women who did their duty and do not receive the respect or help that they so deserve.

One day, the Sunday nearest to November 11 the date the First World War ended November 11, 1918.  Just one day we are asked to remember all those Men and Women who fought to give us Security, Died to maintain our security.  One Day is not enough, these Men and Women when they leave the Services should be remembered given help that they require.   The attitude of the MOD to these people seems to be “sod off” you done your bit thats it.

So many ex Service Men are on the streets, the Prisons are full of ex service men.  It is not just physically these Men and Women require help, they suffer Depressions, become mentally ill – is it any wonder after all they have been through.

Here in Britain, don’t just remember these Brave Men and Women who were/are in the Services for One Day, please try and remember them always for you would not be here now safe secure.  Just remember those that knock this Country, this Country is still the best and we are FREE, look at other Countries before you run the UK down.

There are many good Charities that help Ex Service Personnel and their Families.  Please don’t forget the Sacrifice made please don’t forget them like The Korean War who remembers that.

Please buy a Poppy  and wear it with Pride – Pride for all those that have died, all those left suffering, all those that are still employed in the services.  To keep us safe, to give us the Freedom so many take for granted.

Please remember  all of them in all the Wars, on Remembrance Sunday just 1 Minute that’s all One Minute to quietly remember.  I remember how my late Husband had been in the RAF in the Second World War, in Burma  – he may have been 30 years older than me, and I was born  after the War but I would listen to his memories and those he had lost.

This November, please just remember Them All, buy a Poppy and if you can donate to one of the Charities that helps these Men and Women.    The Royal British Legion care for all ex Service Men and Women.

3 thoughts on ““November, Not Just One Day Remember, But The Whole Month Please

    1. Thank you so much. We have a big problem here that the MOD and the Government in general play down and that is the amount of Service Men locked up, these men need help not imprisonment for being drunk/on drugs or petty theft. We must never forget all the bravery, we would not be here now.

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