“Paddington Station Steam Train”

Sit and watch the Trains go by

Wondering where they’ll go

Through the Towns

Such busy  streets

People scuttling by

Sunny days

No rain  in sight

The Train hurtles by

Steam billows out

On board we are

1950s England

“The Good Old Country”

As some call it



No carriage do we sit

Never asked “why not”

On suitcases we sat and times we stood

The Child looks from window

Watching the Towns that disappear

Suddenly the Fields are there

Peering from window I see the Cows and Sheep

If my eyes are quick, there a Farmer with his dog

But just mainly fields just fields

And still the Steam from the Train

As it chugs along

Faster faster on  tracks we go


Sandwiches in brown paper

Made before we left the house

Beef from yesterday’s joint, now tough

And there’s eggs, hardboiled, urrgh

Pint bottles of Milk to drink

Its warm “drink it” I’m told

Still the Train chugs along

Fast and bumpy we do go

The Fields and Towns

They now whiz past

Father smokes non stop

Mother tells him to stop

He just ignores

She tries to  argue but no good


Now I see from window

My little face pressed hard against the glass

Tiny houses on the  hills

Sloping to small Town below

“Wales” my Father calls to me

“Soon we will be at Fishguard, just wait and see”

Fishguard, I can’t wait for Train

To chug along its way

Faster, faster please go faster

I say but no one listens

Or seems to care

I try to pull window open

Brown dirty leather strap

Too hard to pull


Finally at Fishguard we dismount

Suitcases plonked on platform

Along with me

My small hand pulled

“hold onto me don’t move unless I say”

My elder Sister tugs at me

On Platform standing still

But I want to run

And see the Train

The steam still bellowing

Makes your face wet and cold


This train brought me all this way

From Paddington Station London

To Fishguard Wales

The “Innisfallen” ship

We will board

At midnight I’ll be

Fast asleep

“She” will sail

Across the Irish Sea to “Home”

To Nana and Grandad

For two weeks

That’s all I care

In the Fields I will run

Chasing Fairies I can’t see

But I hear them call to me

“You are free, run free run free”



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