“Be Honest, Admit You Are Wrong”

How quiet those, that tried to convince us that Hillary Clinton is not a crook, have been since the latest revelations about her.

Clinton, herself along with the entourage are insisting “she is totally innocent and this is all a ploy in the run up to next Week’s Presidential Election in America.

For weeks, months on end all we have heard is how Hillary Clinton is innocent and she admitted she made a mistake initially, but that was the end of it.  It was not, and more pressing questions should have been asked of her and the destroying of all those emails.

“Good old Bill” Clinton done what he always does, he paid “them off”,  but he could not stop the truth coming out.   If Clinton is Elected President and I as an non American have no right to say who should be President, Clinton could as President be facing FBI Investigations , Criminal Charges and even Impeachment.  Could the American People go through that again as they did previously, of course we all know the outcomes of those times.

With the arguments that have gone on for months with those insisting “She is Innocent”, will those people who defended Clinton have the guts now to speak up and admit like so much in life “there is no smoke without fire”.

I don’t envy the American People who go to Vote next week, there  are those that have already made their choice and voted.  How many when entering those booths will change their mind as to whom they will Vote for.

Its been an absolutely fascinating Presidential race to watch and the only one in my living memory of following the Presidential Elections, that has come up with the most awful Candidates for the People to choose from.   Out of all the Politicians in America surely there was better than Clinton and Trump.  Unfortunately, it does  not matter what Country you come from, Money corrupts, money buys whatever you want.  Including the highest Office in America, The President.   I remember so well as I got older how upsetting it was for me, a supporter and admirer of John Kennedy, to find out that the Election had been bought for him, by his corrupt old man that nasty Joseph P Kennedy.  The latter was an old Bootlegger and did all sorts of deals, even those with the Mafia back in the 1920s/30s and 1960s and how they used Sinatra and his Mafia connections, that’s well documented.

The so called “magic bullet” that finally killed JFK on that fateful day November 22, 1963 a “patsy”used to murder JFK we all know the CIA/Mafia were involved.  JFK’s Father bought the Election for his Son, he paid the price.  “When you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas”.


I will be staying up all night, all morning next week to watch the Election and see after all these months who finally will become President.  I have no doubt if Clinton wins those that are now “quiet” will be gloating and  no doubt, much could be said for those that have supported Trump.

I think if I were an American, I would not be voting but thats only “if”.    I wish America “Good Luck”, and sincerely hope that there will be no violent eruptions as a result of the choice of President.  Whoever wins, America must do what we are trying to do here as a result of coming out of Europe, get on with it and all pull together to help the Country.  Take care.







4 thoughts on ““Be Honest, Admit You Are Wrong”

  1. Hilary Clinton is a corrupt person. Anyone who says otherwise is either not informed, or believes the end justifies the means. She says that she’s for children, yet she defended a 46 year old rapist against a 12 year old girl in 1975. Her husband tools around with a convicted pedophile. If you haven’t heard of that, check out Orgy Island on Google. It was a place where underage girls had sex with older woman. She turned a $1,000.00 investment into a $100,000.00 profit when Bill was Governor of Arkansas. I wonder how much access to his office that bought the person who gave her the insider trading tip. She says she’s for women’s rights, yet any woman unfortunate enough to confront Bill with rape charges had their character assailed by her and her machine. She lied repeatedly about Benghazi, telling everyone it was due to an anti Islamic video. The truth is, they suppressed the the truth which was contrary to Obama’s claim that terrorism was defeated. Remember the slogan? Osama is dead, General Motors is alive? She was subpoenaed by the US Congress, and was told to safeguard the the email data. What did she do? She deleted them, using sophisticated software to make sure that they were not retrievable. She said she had one mobile device. Truth was, she had 13, many of which were destroyed by hammer. Does this sound like an person worthy of the highest office?

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    1. Thanks Rob for your insight, that made such interesting reading, I will look up what you said. I know Trump has this thing about Women he has been easy prey for them too, but Clinton that smile of his such a creep and a dangerous man, nothing would surprise me about him and what he does with and to women and how she reacts as to what he does. I know the choice in America for President is difficult but I so hope Rob she does not win. I will give her two years and she will have started a War with Putin. I shall be staying up to watch your Election Results, with my fingers and toes and everything else crossed that she does not win. Just been reading a fantastic blog listing all the “mysterious” deaths of the Clinton’s Friends/business partners/people who did not agree with them/women that charged him with Rape, the list of people so called suicides unbelievable.

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    1. What do you mean. Trump is unsafe and Clinton is to be trusted, like hell she is. I am not saying Trump should be President, I am saying if I were an American I would not vote. Clinton I would not trust her she is far too dangerous, wait for the bodybags. Saying that does not mean I am saying Trump should win. Do you think we had a good Prime Minister in Blair, you Americans fell for him and that stomach churning smile of his. He was one devious piece of s..t whose only interest in being PM was to make Money and more and more money, he ruined this Country took all the values away that we were once proud of. He took us into a War based on Total Lies, he was the puppet on a chain to Bush. People fell for “Blood on my hands” Blair, thank God for once I could see through such a person.

      Do you think Trump is popular here, to the contrary. The BBC which is supposed to be the best of the best in broadcasting is so biased in their reporting its a scandal as for Sky well that’s owned by that corrupt evil little dwarf Murdoch. Because I am anti Clinton does not mean I am for Trump. You, like us, have so many desperate people who are crying out for help they no longer want the Politicians. Along comes a non Politician in your Country Trump and for once the desperate people are hearing the words they want.

      I have to say Cheryl, I find it so sad to see America no longer the strong Country it once was, the Country everyone looked to. Yes I know Countries the World over are no longer the same. But America has always been so proud so strong now look at you after 8 years. To people looking in at you, you can see how Americans are desperate for “That Strong America” again. Take a look at Syria, combined force of America/Britain /France and Germany could and should have gone in and bombed ISIS (yes France did go it alone after Paris and they are to be congratulated) but mainly America and Britain stood back and did sod all, I feel so angry about that. Then there is uproar when Russia goes in and does the job and I am not debating how many “innocents” die. The fact of the matter is Russia did the dirty job that America and Britain would not do, we have no right to complain. What I have said does not make me a supporter of Putin. I am just totally sickened by all the double standards/corruption/lies and betrayals.

      I trust America and its people will accept the decision made democratically, don’t do as here in Britain when the majority voted OUT of Europe, the REMAIN lot still refuse to accept a democratic decision. The Country must come first. If you want to know, I voted Out of Europe because its costing us too much to be in Europe and I want this Country to Control its own Borders, to some that makes me a racist, pathetic people throwing slanderous remarks – so be it.


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