Wear your Red Poppy with Pride

Don’t need the flashy sparkly Poppy

The original Red Paper Poppy

Says it all


We wear it with Pride

To remember those

Service Men and Women

Who have given so much

So we have Freedom























5 thoughts on ““RED POPPY”

  1. We wear the red poppy here, but not like in the UK. A veterans’ organization uses them as a fund raiser. I still remember when November 11 was called Armistice Day. I understand it’s called Remembrance Day in the UK and British Commonwealth now. We call it Veterans Day. The world must never forget the full horror of World War I, The Great War.

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    1. David, it is Remembrance Sunday here. It is surprising how many can’t even stand silent for One Minute. Brought up as a Child by Irish Parents to respect Remembrance Sunday, did the same with my Sons. Their Father, albeit 30 years older than myself, was in World War 11, the RAF in India during the Burma Campaign, and every Remembrance Sunday David would wear his Medals and we would attend the local War Memorial Service, did the same with our two Boys and when David died in 1994 and the Boys were young, the eldest on that first Remembrance Sunday after David died, asked if he could wear his Father’s Medals, which he did. You are so right David the horror of the First World War must never be forgotten.


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