“That Long”

How can it be that long

It seems like days ago

As we turned

And walked away

All we had, remember

You said how much you cared


Can it be

You have gone

No more the walks

We took along this Path

Path now scattered with fallen leaves

This Park could whisper

All the words we spoke


Don’t look back

I said, as I kissed you

On those lips

So soft to the touch

Then walked away from us

I don’t know

If you ignored my request

Yet you shouted

“I still love you”


Its hard to cope without you

Each day more painful

Than the last

I cannot forget

Perhaps forgive, yes perhaps

Was I right to end us

Over and over

In mind I ask


I come here

Now the Autumn sunshine

And the colours of the leaves

Look even more beautiful

As our Love once had been

In the hope of you

Walking on this path


But no, alone

Here am I

Inside I ache

I scream your name

But you don’t hear

I know the answer

To the question I ask


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