“The UK’s Favourite Topic Of Conversation, The Weather”


Yesterday was a beautiful day here

The sun shone so brightly

And it was quite hot

In fact a little bit more than that

We had the temperature

Of Athens, would you believe.


Today, what a change

And quite a dramatic change

It is so, so Cold

Had the central heating on all day

Right now we have strong fog out there

Well not sure if it is not Sea Mist

As I live by the Sea


Tomorrow we are promised

An even colder Day

And for January and February

We have been promised

Extreme Cold and very high winds

Thank goodness

No Flooding

The High winds I hate and worry about

Structural damage and garden fencing


So from Athens temperature to COLD

Not sure as I get older

That my Bones can take it

Never used to feel the Cold

But now I do

Maybe I should move to California

Always wanted to live there




2 thoughts on ““The UK’s Favourite Topic Of Conversation, The Weather”

  1. Well not San Fran because that old fog will get in your bones SO bad! I know when we go see Stef on the east coast in the winter I can NEVER get warm! (And we’re going in January because 4-year-old Liam is insisting grandma make him a birthday cake with his name on it! This is the first time I think I’ve FELT like a grandma!)


  2. I will be rebooking the same Hotel in San Francisco, so I will see plenty of fog, but not going October this time. That’s lovely that your little Grandson wants you to make a cake for him. How long does it take you to fly to Steph’s from where you are? I feel the cold so much these days, because of the “Warfarin” I am on it thins my blood so much. How is your leg.


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