“I’m A Woman, Vote For Me?”

Why do some Women feel compelled

To vote for Hillary Clinton

Because she is a Woman

They won’t admit they don’t like her

But their pride tells them

“Support her as a Woman”


When Margaret Thatcher

Was running for the office

of Britain’s Prime Minister

It was the opposite

The majority of Women polled

Said they would  not Vote for her

Because She was a Woman


It was indeed the majority of Men

Who Voted for Margaret Thatcher

As many said “She has Balls”

The majority of Women disliked Thatcher

Of Course in time

She became a hate figure

She was so tough, she had those “balls”


Thatcher would have no women in her Cabinet

There was only one man in the Cabinet

That stood up to her

The others were scared of her


Now I realize it was a different time

The World has moved on

And not for the better  we can say

In so many respects


But there are some of us women

Who like being ordinary

Not super tough and trying to prove

“I’m a Woman I can do anything”

I am sure there are some who can

But I still like having doors opened for me

Old fashioned things like that


Is Hillary Clinton another Thatcher

Or trying to be America’s “Thatcher”

Isn’t Hillary Clinton always boasting

She has “balls”


The difference between America’s Hillary Clinton

And Britain’s Late Margaret Thatcher

Thatcher did not surround herself

In all the scandals Hillary Clinton does

And there is no record of all the

Mysterious deaths of friends

And Business Partners

That are associated with Hillary Clinton


Well next week in America

When all the Votes are counted

And the Winner is declared

I wonder which President

Will have the “biggest balls”

Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

Either one will cause trouble

There is no doubt of that






5 thoughts on ““I’m A Woman, Vote For Me?”

  1. I wanted to have a woman president. I’d love to see the day when that actually happens. But I do not want Hilary to be that president. I’m sure there are a lot of women voting for her only because of her gender. Being a male or female, though, is not the most important part about the role they have to fill. All I can say is may God help us.


    1. Angela, I could not agree with you more. One day the right Woman will come along and hopefully America will have the right Woman President, surely there must be enough intelligent honest female Politicians that could run. I did not vote for Margaret Thatcher the first time round but I did vote for her after that. She was tough but she knew what was best for the UK and she stood up to the Unions, the Miners and most of all she showed her strength and defiance to the IRA even when they tried to assassinate her (I come from Irish stock), that I admired her for. Since then its been down hill, now we have Theresa May and I have faith in her. Good luck next week Angela, stay safe poppet. Anna

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  2. I’m glad you brought up the comparison to Mrs Thatcher. I know Mrs Thatcher remains a polarizing figure in the UK. Rather that compare Sec. Clinton to Mrs Thatcher, I think comparisons to other female politicians are more pertinent. About fifty years ago, George Wallace, the segregationist governor of Alabama was ineligible to run for re-election due to a term limits law. His wife Lurleen ran in his stead, similar to. Sec. Clinton standing in for former President Clinton. It is truly naive to think Bill Clinton will not participate in decision-making in a Hillary Clinton Administration. The other female political figure to compare Hillary to is Eva Peron. Only Hillary lacks charisma and an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical.

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    1. David, I love your comments. I remember George Wallace, there was an attempt on his life which left him in a wheelchair, I remember that clearly. I would have no doubt that Bill Clinton will get involved in her Administration. Just as I believe if Trump were to become President it would be his Vice President that would have unofficially the biggest involvement. God forbid it turns out to be a Hillary and Bill show. I don’t envy the American people next week. Hope it does not end up like the decision we had “In or Out of Europe”, the arguments are still going on. You are right about Eva Peron and her charisma, love the Andrew Lloyd Webber bit.


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