The sound of Silence

We all live in such a fast paced World

There are times

When you just want to stop

And be surrounded by silence

I find more and more I am craving Silence

To hear the words go round in your mind

Without music somewhere

People constantly talking

Phones ringing

And in my case


Two years of a neighbour

And his Circular Saw

Every evening this whirling sound

Every weekend from 8am until dusk

This sound that would want to make me scream

Now he has left the Gardens

No more Circular Saw

Yet I love just being alone

To just stand and listen

To Silence


5 thoughts on ““Silence”

    1. I’m fine Rob, thank you for asking. I owe you an apology for not responding to some of your work, I am so behind with emails, I am trying to catch up with housework etc. I hope you are ok, loved your replies on a blog I read this afternoon, well said.

      Neighbours around me seem obsessed with chainsaws and their Trees, where I plant Tress, I hate the loss of them. Take care of yourself.

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