Someone has the gall

To tell me

That Democratically

Yes I use that word

And will continue to do so

That democratically

I have no right to Vote how I want

That every time I vote

If it does not suit the other side

They will act like the “Remainders”

Thugs and Bullies they are

And have my Vote overturned


Former PM David Cameron

Has a lot to answer for

No wonder he resigned quickly

He should answer all these allegations

That have been made against him


The “Remainders” so called Leader

This Woman who went to the High Court yesterday

And won her hearing from

Three dodgy Judges

One dogy Judge yes, but two?

So much backhanders so much corruption

Right to the very Top

This idiotic woman has divided the Country

She will cause a Constitutional Crisis

She is not even from this Country

The Husband is a Millionaire

Has too many ties with Europe



No one has the right to tell me

That I cannot Vote as I want

I Voted to come OUT of the EU

I no longer wanted to tolerate

Their idiotic Rules

Far too much British TaxPayers money

Was going to the EU pockets

And I want the UK to

Control our own Borders

We are a small Island

We cannot keep taking

The immigrants/migrants

Enough is Enough


Think carefully America

When you Vote next week

President Clinton

Are you joking?

More of useless Obama

Clinton is now Friends with Obama

When did she and Bill stop hating

The Obama’s?


Hillary Clinton and Democracy?

You will never get it from her

Corrupt, corrupt

Thats Clinton she has always been

She will provoke and provoke Putin

Watch your tvs see the Body Bags come back again

Clinton thinks she can beat Putin

A President investigated by the FBI

Looks good for the World looking at you


I read today in someone’s blog

In an answer to her blog

Some person had claimed that

Donald Trump is a “serial sex offender”

Please, how can someone make such a stupid comment

When it comes to allegations of Sex attacks and Rape

Should the fingers not be pointed at Bill Clinton

He after all, well look at his Reputation

He can’t keep his zipper pulled up

He has allegation against him of Rape

He should have been Impeached

But people laughed

“oh its only good old Bill”

Hillary Clinton “stand by my man”

Stomach churning performance


Long to see a strong America again

About time we all need to see

You Strong Again

Eight Years of Obama, dreadful

The most ineffectual President

I can ever remember

It is not for me to say

The choice is that of the American People

Those that have yet to Vote

Good Luck

With making the right choice

I hope it will be a Peaceful aftermath

Stay Safe

God Bless






3 thoughts on ““DEMOCRACY, MY RIGHT TO IT”

    1. What annoys me is 41 years ago I voted NO to the European Union, UK entered, we did not carry on protesting, going to Court calling people who Voted NO to the EU a few months ago racists – there was a referendum we voted and the NO vote won yet the “Remainders” are nothing but trouble makers, bullies, that’s my point.


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