“A Foreign Land”

It was never meant to be

How  it turned out

Just Friends

Was it?


Letters written

In friendship

Meant so much

When from killing fields

We walked away

To sit and try to understand


Your letters in my hands

Your words that meant so much

When did it turn from Friendship

To Love


Then that day

From folded letter fell

A photograph of yourself

You were no longer

Just a Friend

But the girl

I am beginning to love

No I do love


You will never know

Or fully understand

What it is like to kill so much

To lose your best friend

Who died in my arms


What is this War all about

A foreign land

We know nothing about

Yet we’re here

On foreign soil

Kill, kill, kill

Or die yourself

That’s what we hear


Today your letter came

Between the words

You show so much love

Be my girl when I come home

Or do you write to other men


Dare I say

I’ve never felt so in love

Or written words with so much love

You’re not just a friend

Its more than that


So as I write

I hold your photo

I think of you

And all you say

Be my girl

When I come home

Will you answer yes to me

I’ll wait to se……………..







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