“I Remember”

I remember how happy we were

How we laughed

How we made Love

Making love

When and where we could

How gentle you were

We would talk and talk

Throughout the night

I remember

Yes I remember

If only all of that

Had been true

Why is it when our loved one dies

We make them out to be “Saints”

Better than they were

Do we do it to help ourselves

To convince ourselves

What a happy Marriage it was

When in reality

It was one sided

Partners, that’s what I thought

No such thing

You were the Husband

And I the young Wife

Do everything to please you

Just hoping just once

Just one time

You would say with a smile

“I love you, I do”

But no, never

You were unloving

I made excuses

You had little love as a child

But most of all it was me

I was the cause

How could you love me

I was to blame

Even when you gave me a

Backhander, left me bruised

I convinced myself it was my fault

Obviously it was my fault

But once is one too many

What fools those of us

Women and Men are

When we search for love

All we want is to be loved

And give all the love we have back

But we jump too soon

Or was I expecting too much

When deep down I still have that love

I so wanted someone to return

Too late now

All I can do is to

Listen to the silent cries and

Mop the tears as they fall


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