Good Morning America

From a sunny but cold day

In England

By the Coast


Good Luck

To all those that have yet to vote

Your choice will be in charge

For the next Four years

Choose carefully


The last Eight years

Well what can one say

I have never seen

Such an ineffectual President

And its so sad to see

America not Strong anymore


Not only Americans

But all of us elsewhere

So need to see

A strong President

And a Strong America again


You don’t need any more corruption

That will take place in the White House

No more “getting away with being Impeached”

Choosing someone who has

Walked away from what should have been


Is not what America needs

Just Four more years of the same

Old Thing

The same disastrous decisions

Watching America getting

Weaker and Weaker

We all need you


I shall be staying up all night/morning

Watching your Results coming in

With Fingers/Toes and everything else crossed

In the hope America has chosen the person

Who will make

America Strong


Good Luck

God Bless

(No offence to anyone

who does not believe)






2 thoughts on ““DECISION DAY”

    1. Just like all Politicians poppet, they are all promises. The best you can hope for is America having some faith back in the Country. Keep your fingers crossed, as I will here. I have a bet on with my youngest Son that Trump will win. It may well be a surprise as it was here a few months back when I voted No to Europe. Have faith Angela, mainly keep you and yours safe, am I correct in thinking you have a little Boy, I hope I do not offend you by asking that. All the very best poppet.


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