“Preparing For A Night To Remember”

I am hoping to get my head down

For a few hours this afternoon

As I shall be staying up

All night and early morning

To watch America decide the next four years


I don’t usually go to bed until 5am

But I don’t want to fall asleep

Which is something that happens

When I endeavour to stay awake all night

I am exhausted by lack of sleep

So maybe a few hours will help restore me


I do not want to miss any of the coverage

Of America deciding their future

For the next four years

Trump and all his faults

He has admitted them

But I don’t recall him being accused

Of the crimes that Hillary Clinton has been accused of

And “good old Bill” has greased the pockets yet again

Of all those that can declare the wife “Innocent”


After all its time for “good old Bill”

To do the decent thing

And “stand by his woman”

How many times did Hillary “stand by her man”

And his problems with keeping his zipper on his pants done up


I will make sure the Coffee Pot is on

Everything I do of an evening is completed

So I can sit and watch

The coverage all night/morning

Its going to be as exciting as our recent

“IN or OUT of Europe”

We all know much to our surprise

And Millions of peoples delight

“Brexit” Won

America decides??


If you have not Voted

It is important, as it was here

Good Luck Everyone

Fingers/Toes and everything else here I have

Will be crossed

Plus I hope I win my bet

Please Help Me To Do That






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