“What A Comment, Coming From Hillary Clinton – Rich Of Her”

So Hillary Clinton

In her so called “Private Tapes like her Private Emails”

Refers to Britain’s Leader of the Opposition

The Rt. Hon Jeremy Corbyn

As a “TRAMP”

Well he is Far Left

I have been a Labour Supporter all my Life

Until now

Jeremy Corbyn has divided the Labour Party

Dear I should not say that

I get called “A Far Right Extremist”


Back to Clinton

And her Private comments

This is rich

Coming from a Woman

Who is so corrupt

When it comes to it

She and “good old Bill”

Are the most corrupt couple

Using their Clinton Foundation

For their Private means

She does not care for the ordinary

Working Man and Woman

Fine if you have the money and good lifestyle

Then you don’t have to give a damn about anyone else


I see it here in England

We still have the “Class system”

I come from an Irish Catholic Working Class background

I know the discrimination

I remember the comments

I remember preparing to leave School

The hopes for a future

Hairdresser/shop worker/office worker

Or better still, Marriage


You were “Working Class” and should know your place

That was the 1960s

So much for the

“Swinging Sixties”


The worst example of a PM

Who didn’t care, except to make money

Was a Labour Prime Minister by the name of

Tony “Blood on my hands” Blair

For some reason loved by America

Admired by the Clintons

Ofcourse they would admire each other


Thats what they cared for and will continue to do

Under Hillary Clinton


If America

Elects Hillary Clinton

And so many Women will vote for her

Because she is a woman

Wake up look at her

Just more of the last eight years

Watch her become more devious and corrupt

If that is possible


Watch her antagonise Putin

And she will

She will cause immense trouble

Deaths will occur

She is already causing problems with Putin

These will only increase


Its America’s choice

Not mine or anyone else

Who is not an American

Will your choice be for a Stronger America

And hopefully, back the America we all admired


Stay Safe everyone

I so hope there will not be any trouble

Good Luck and God Bless

To You All


4 thoughts on ““What A Comment, Coming From Hillary Clinton – Rich Of Her”

  1. I’m afraid that most Hillary voters care not about her legacy of corruption. She’s preordained to be the 1st female president. Whenever I talk to one of her supporters, they never say what she will do, only how bad Trump is. So, when she talks of fear mongering, she’s an elite practitioner of it.

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    1. I know I have no right Rob, but my fear has always been Hillary Clinton in The White House. There must be other good Women out there that suit the position. Margaret Thatcher was hated here as you probably know, barely any women voted for her and she never had until the end any woman in her cabinet. Clinton is already provoking Putin and she will cause so much trouble, I dread to think what will happen.

      You know a few months ago, we had to decide whether or not we would stay in Europe. I voted to come Out but like all the others like myself, never thought we would win that night. We did, it was fantastic, I want US to Control our Borders not Europe. The ones that lost acted and still do like spoilt brats, you have read what’s happened here, the “Remainders” bullied people like myself, I was personally bullied online. Who knows what will happen tonight, I think there may be a shock, I mean this sincerely Rob for me its sad to see America the way it is, no longer strong. I so would love to see America Strong and Proud again, we all need to have you like that. I have a bet on too, so she Must Not Win. Whatever happens, please stay safe Rob, take great care.

      Been concerned about you, are you ok, I gather someone has not been playing fair, forget them, you are far more worthy than them, you are too much a Gentleman to bother with the likes of them. All the best Rob.

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      1. Anna, I was and am proud of the Brexit vote. I see nothing wrong with nationalism, and in many ways, see this election as a globalism vs nationalism vote. While the voters may see an altruistic vision of pure globalism, the governing elite see globalism as a way to exploit people and countries even more so. I hope to see you at my blog. I know that it’s private, but if you click on the radio button, I will approve it.

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      2. Rob, in response to your second comment, I agree with you totally. I couldn’t make out where the “button” was to obtain access to your site, left it to my youngest Son to sort. Computers, I am basic stuff any problems and you can hear me shout “help”. Missed your site.


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