“Stress Free”

When I feel tense

Or distressed

The only thing

That eases my distress

Is my music

Or a good book

Or better still writing


With the book

I get carried away

Into the world

I am reading about

Or the Poems

Whose beauty softens me


My writing

Well I started as a young girl

Being a Loner

Writing became my companion

Making up stories

Writing about the life

I would love to have


Or the Boys or Men

One day I would hope would find me

Open my Cage door

And let me fly Free

The Children, the Sons I would like


And the dark side

Always a dark side somewhere

It lurks waiting to jump out

You can never push it away

Not just the physical pain

But the mental pain

All I would write


With my music

I would forget

What had stressed me

I am floating

Floating away

To where

Somewhere peaceful

Where I cannot be hurt

Physically or mentally

Free from that cage

I still sometimes see

Deep in my mind

Only Good things happen

I feel alive


We are all searching

Searching for Peace

Searching for

That little corner

Of the World

That is ours



6 thoughts on ““Stress Free”

  1. You know I’ve wanted to live in Middle Earth ever since I real LOTR. It seemed so romantic and perfect. Perfect mental block! When the movie came out, for the first time I realized how dangerous it actually would be! Our mind is an amazing thing!

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